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July 21 2009

Sideshow previews 'Tooned-up' Faith. One of the new product announcements for Comic-con.

As per usual, there will be regular and exclusive versions.

I wonder if the "exclusive" version will have the mole...
Com'on. Make Angel, Spike and Wesley already. Those must be more popular than Glory!
I agree, but I suspect the line is aimed at your average guy, rather then female fans of the show.
Just love her! The exclusive version is just the red shirt I believe, the regular is a white shirt.
Interesting and appropriate that Faith is protrayed in kick-ass jump-right-in action. I'm definitely on board for this one. I was somewhat disappointed over other figurines of Faith that I've seen. Most of the other characters figurines did reasonably well with the actual actors features, but they just didn't seem able to "get" Faith/Eliza Dushku's features as well. This one, as a maquette anyway, makes Faith look like she's in her element.

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