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July 21 2009

Ken Levine blogs about how they DIDN'T use his pool for Dollhouse... Ken Levine (of Cheers and M*A*S*H fame) blogs about a call from a Dollhouse location scout.

Ah, awesome! :)
"Poker buddies"? With the way he quickly turned to jelly and started begging I'm assuming he loses a lot at poker....
Sandy Koufax he's not.
hehe... great post. Very entertaining.
His reaction is pretty much how mine would be.
I wouldn't mind having six guys named Dave and Eliza filming in my pool! That is, if I had a pool!:)
Hee, funny stuff (but only what i've come to expect from Mr Levine. Some of his posts are slightly too bitchy for my taste but a lot of them are pretty hilarious. And when it's like this - i.e. almost entirely at his own expense - what's not to like ?).
Ha ha. When I was living in Tokyo a number of years ago, a guy at my work that I'd always found a little off-putting told me he was involved in some film and could his workmates photograph my apartment to get an idea of what a young American woman's apartment in Tokyo might look like. For the film, see. Never mind that I'm not American. I was all, ew, this guy wants photos of my apartment, NO WAY. Later I found out he really had been involved in sets and locations for The Grudge. SMG wouldn't have been hanging out in my apartment, but my apartment could have been the model for her apartment in the film! Except probably not, because I had a pretty crappy apartment. The one in the film is way better. Anyway, I feel Ken Levine's pain. Kind of.

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