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July 22 2009

Fox to promote Dollhouse DVD/BD via banner ads that tweet. Apparently the ads will run through August 3, display Eliza's tweets, allow users to tweet about it directly from the ad, and after screening some user tweets could appear in the ad as well. Click here to view a demo of the ad (spoilers for 'Echo').

Yep, i saw one of those yesterday. Can't remember where though. ETA: I remember! It was on YouTube.

Random, semi-OT: doesn't season 2 start shooting today?

I still like the way that sounds: Dollhouse Season 2

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I added a link to the ad, there's footage of Joss and stuff to be found on it.
Spoiler alert on the ad.... btw. (for the original pilot)

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Random, semi-OT: doesn't season 2 start shooting today?

Yes, the rumors are true.
Ads that you can talk to? What next? Coffee machines that think?
Yes, build a fort!!
I'll get some pillows.
If Number 6 is caming I'll betray humanity opening the fort door.
I like the bit with the chair: "This is the science in our fiction." Also sad that we didn't get to see more of the original sort of engagements. Don't know how well it would have gone down with the masses, but "mellow, contemplative, and strange" missions sound fascinating to me.
Fun ads.

As Joss was saying he knew what Fox wanted in the first episodes, all sorts of bitter descriptions came to mind. I disliked those first episodes so much, I'm not sure I can ever be totally rid of the bad taste they left. On the other hand, I am really glad there will be a second season that sounds like it will be a continuation of the more Jossy end of the season.

Can anyone let me/us know which discs in the new DVD set have the original pilot, Epitaph 1 and who does commentaries on the others? I am planning on using Netflix to see them but I don't want to bother with the early episodes unless they sprinkled some really worthwhile extras into them. (I kinda hope not, I am trying hard to pretend that the series started with Man On the Street.)
- Disc 1 has a commentary on "Ghost" by Joss and Eliza
- Disc 2 has a commentary on "Man on the Street" by Joss
- Disc 4 has all the extras (including "Echo", "Epitaph One", "Epitaph One"-commentary and all the deleted scenes and featurettes)

Thanks. I was afraid they'd be all smart like that. ;) Maybe down the road someone can give an honest opinion of the commentary on Ghost.
"Welcome to Total Incompetence Theater." Ha!
Joss has been saying for a while now that he figured what Fox wanted once he decided to remake the first episode. Don't know why that's such a shock. Also, why do the first episodes bother you so much, newcj? I thought they were really great, though Ghost was a bit utilitarian for my tastes.
It was not a shock, it was more like picking a scab. ;)

I don't want to go into my problems with the first episodes here, electricspacegirl. Bitching and moaning is tiresome and I said more than I wanted to when they were airing. (After the first or second episode I stopped reading threads on it so I would be able to keep my mouth shut.) If Joss's name weren't on it, I would not have made it through the first episode. If it were not for my faith in Joss's assurances that it would get better, I would have stopped watching after the next one or two, as most of my friends did.

If you do want to discuss it, e-mail me, and I'll be happy to while trying to keep the bitching and moaning to a minimum. ;) My address is in my profile.
Sorry, was just curious how the first episodes could make anyone feel sick, but whatever.

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