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July 22 2009

First day of shooting on Dollhouse Season Two! So says Maurissa Tancharoen.

Is this front page worthy? I don't know. It's JUMP AND DOWN AND GO YAYYYYYY worthy though.

*jumps up and down* YAAAAAY!
I'm looking forward to the casting call and title for 2x02.
Did I fall asleep?
For a little while.
Woohoo! Can't wait! :D
Shall I go now?
And lo, the w00tage was much and accompanied by virtually no gnashing and only one small rending when someone bent over funny and a seam went. But they did not heed it, cos of the w00tage being much.

Yes, my happiness has reached Biblical proportions.
Woot indeed. It's exciting to know new Dollhouse is being made for us! I can't wait!
My only consolation for not getting to go to the Dollhouse panel is that I know there won't be any new footage. The live screening of Epitaph One on the other hand...

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