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July 22 2009

Christian Kane talks about the late, great Andy Hallett. "Andy was a great friend of mine. We went all over Europe together. He was a good friend and a really good guy…It's hard for me to talk about, I get really choked up... He was such a great guy and I really hate that he passed".

I like his work and such, but does Christian Kane come off as slightly homophobic to anyone else?
I don't think so. I think he's annoyed that his character got killed by one of the minor characters, rather than one of the big boys, but he doesn't strike me as homophobic.
Ah, okay, guess it's just me wrongly interpreting stuff. :P
Also no. I don't think he is being racist when he calls J August Richards, "my boy" either.
I think this is a very heart felt comment about Andy, and frankly it makes me happy to hear Andy Hallett remembered. I also love the show 'Leverage'.

Oh and I thought that Christian was saying that LINDSAY didn't want to get killed by the Gay Karaoke demon, but that he (Christian) felt that his character couldn't have been killed off by anyone better. I don't see how this ends up being anything negative about Christian.
Not homophobic or racist at all ... but

I wonder though if he (or other people who do the same thing) realizes how much he tells us about working on other shows (like Angel) when he says stuff like
we still laugh and stick around to see each other's scenes. That just doesn't happen with other casts, I don't care who tells you different. I've been around a lot of TV shows and it just doesn't happen. But it happens on this show.
and Other television shows, and even movies, you get done with it and you wipe your hands.
and (especially since other actors on Buffy/Angel have said that there was NO ADLIBBING)
Thank god we've got writers that have big egos but not big enough to shut us down. As an actor that's so refreshing and one of the things that makes the show so much fun. .

Makes you wonder what it was like on the Angel set.
From what I've seen, in many shows, people really don't like it when they die.

I also have a feeling that this interview would have felt very different had it been in an audio/video form.
Except for Emma Caulfield. :D
This character Eliot is everything I've ever done wrapped up in one person; it's Lindsay McDonald from Angel, it's Peter Prentis from Just Married…It's all the stuff and you wrap it up into one character and hope that it goes well.

That might possible be the best description of Eliot Spencer I've heard thus far.

Nice interview but there are typos and misspellings in it. For one thing, it's Lindsey, not "Lindsay". *grumps*

I was going to link this Television Without Pity interview earlier but seeing as how Simon has a CK thread already, I thought I'd leave it here in comments. He talks a bit about "Angel" there too.

And also, a nice article about the band's gigs at Dante's: Christian Kane Rocks Portland, Oregon.

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Makes you wonder what it was like on the Angel set.

Eh. Not really. Lest we forget, being an actor is a job; it's nice when you can have fun with it but the fact remains that, like any job, you are paid to be there and do what your bosses tell you (and if you're an actor on a big TV show you get paid a helluva lot more than most people get to do THEIR jobs). The producers don't owe you a good time; with serendipitous casting you might get one as a bonus, but off-screen chemistry is very much a secondary consideration. Anyway, if Christian has hard feelings about his time on AtS he's been very quiet about it. Here it sounds like he's trying to sell his current project as special, which he should.

Also, while ad libbing might be fun for actors, done wrong it just wastes film and miffs the show runners; as the DVD commentaries on Leverage point out, Leverage is shot in digital so they have a lot more leeway in retakes or keeping the camera going before and after shots to catch actor improvs. Buffy and Angel were shot on film (or tape, I forget; either way, an exhaustible medium) with lots of post-production to be accomplished in 22-episode seasons with intricate trans-episode story lines. If I were making those shows, as much as I like the zaniness of good actors, I would squash ad libs, too.

Plus, Christian was guest star on Angel (albeit a fairly frequent one) and I don't care what kind of show you're making, improvs are not welcome from guests--you can pitch ideas if you think you have a good one, but wrecking a take because you think you know better than the producers what the show's about is a good way to make sure you don't get work there or anywhere else for a good while. All told I think this is a nice little interview from Christian on what seems to be a very fun show on and off screen; I'm glad he's having more fun now than ever, but let's not read too much into it.
A worse crime was the interviewer transcribing the first name of one of Christian's co-stars wrong. Fact check, friendo.
Yeah and he was in Crossfire Trail not 'Crossheart Trail'.
Joss did, of course, allow a little interpretation in gestures and actions. Nathan grabbing Jewel into a hug near the end of "Ariel," for instance, was Nathan's spur-of-the-moment thing.
Also, ad-libbing makes for serious work for the editors. The guys/gals at Leverage only edit about 6-7 episodes in advance with an ep airing every week to keep the clock ticking. Even with shooting digital ad-libbing can cause post delays. Luckily, John and Dean hired people that work well together. Great cast on that show!

I don't think Christian was really trying to say anything about the set of Angel, because I can bet that Whedon and his writers would not be considered egomaniacs.
I have to imagine that talking about the late, lamented Mr. Hallett is still very tough for those who knew him. I'm glad that he opened up about it, and tried to put on a brave face. We shouldn't discourage people from sharing their feelings by reading more into their comments than is really there.
I can't believe Andy isn't here anymore. I didn't know this. Now I am depressed... He was one of my favourite characters! Also, does anyone know wether Christian was referring to Andy or his character being gay? Just wondering?
Christian was referring to Lorne, not Andy.
Reread article, I was totally mistaken. Christian seems like a great guy.
It just sounds like neither Christian liked that scene for his character and he's claiming Andy didn't like the ending for his character. It's not surprising since on some level, Lorne the innocent dies and I can definitely see where if you were playing Lindsay you'd at least have liked him to be killed by Angel if he's not going to be redeemed.

I was always ambivalent on that one.

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Got a lot of time for Christian Kane in interview, he's so straightforward I sometimes feel like he should protect himself a bit more, be a bit less open.

And yep, Andy Hallett is sadly missed (just by we fans so how much worse it must be for his friends and family ?).

As to the scene in question, it makes sense to me that Kane (and Lindsay) would rather have been killed by the main hero and star of the show (especially given that he and David Boreanaz are apparently pretty good mates in real life) and it also makes sense that Andy Hallet might've felt Lorne's final act was too far from the character as he knew him and found that difficult to play in the same way that SMG felt at a certain point in season 6 that they were straying too far from Buffy. As has been recounted a few times, Joss agreed with SMG but he seemingly didn't with Andy and felt it was the more impactful "end" for Lorne. FWIW, I agree, Lorne killing Lindsay was perfect for "Angel", as was the whole of 'Not Fade Away' IMO.
I have a feeling that working on the set of Angel wasn't as great for the actors as some fans think it was.
Yeah, Chris is a refreshingly honest and real guy and doesn't have any qualms about speaking his mind. Unlike with some actors, though, it isn't because he doesn't care or because he thinks he's above it all: it's because he really loves what he does and loves to talk about it. :-)
oh my gosh- Andy seemed like such a nice person!He was too young!

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