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July 22 2009

MySpace Dark Horse Presents, Volume 3 trade paperback released today. Contains Buffy Season 8 stories Harmony Bites! and Vampy Cat Play Friend, as well as Serenity: The Other Half and Moist: Humidity Rising.

Huh. I had thought this wasn't coming out until mid August.
Yeah, according to Dark Horse, it doesn't come out until August 12. But if Diamond distributes it then they're probably right. Maybe it was released early?
I bought a copy today, and I'm all the way down in Australia.
Since the trades are printed overseas (I think in China, as far as DH is concerned) and shipped in containers, the arrival times to North America are quite variable. The dates in the original solicitation info for these are often a shot in the dark ... so it's a nice surprise when they come in early!

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