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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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July 23 2009

Happy Birthday, Charisma Carpenter! Our Queen C is a year older, today.

I love this. In two days, my own Cordelia will be seven! July is an excellent month in which to be born!
Happy Birthday, Charisma. :)
iMDB alleges that the run-through-with-rebar incident actually happened, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

Does anyone have a citation on that?
Happy Birthday, Charisma. I really hope to see her in more roles. I think she's quite talented. Of course, being incredibly beautiful doesn't hurt either. I truly think she's one of the most beautiful actresses out there.
I think the story is that Charisma did have a similar bad accident in real life and the writers got the story idea from there. She wasn't injured on the set, though. Her injury occurred before she was on Buffy. I don't know if she had rebar run through her or injured a leg seriously, but she's a very athletic person, so there's not telling what risky activities she's participated in.
Happy Birthday Charisma! :D
Ee-so- Estossoway! (Okay, that's Seneca, not Cherokee, and it means hello or goodbye or soemthing, not happy b'day, but hey, all I know in a related language)

Baylink avirdr23; I've read it in Toppings's Slayer; I think she was a child when it happened. At least one other book has mentioned a "scar on her abdomen from a serious childhood accident.")

Sigh, ou-r litt-le Cordy is the same age as Jack Benny; she wears it a lot better than he did, tho.

I know Charisma has at least 2 tattooos; is the tramp stamp I've noticed in Angel episodes one of her real ones or is it part of the Cordelia make-up?

CC, as your mom's people would say, Feliz cumplean~os!

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Happy birthday, Charisma. \o/

Hope the day is good. :D
Happy Birthday, Charisma!
I think all the tattoos we saw on Angel were real. I think she has a crucifix somewhere, which Joss wasn't thrilled about because it had to be covered with makeup.

I knew she'd had a very serious accident earlier in her life, but I wasn't exactly sure what happened.
Comedy is timing and delivery, and you are queen of both, Charisma--Happy Birthday!

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avidrdr23; It's not just a crucifix, it's a tattoo of a fully detailed Catholic* rosary (she got it to remind her of how she was raised, she once said,) which had Cordelia had one it would have been a problem for her boss, heh-heh-heh, hence the cover-up make-up. That was late in the show's run, tho. Charisma and Damien had to have a fast civil ceremony because the little Hardy larva was on the way; her original plan was to have a church wedding renewal on their 5th anniversary but they didn't get that far.

I checked IMDB and apparently the sun tattoo is real.

* I like to be specific; Buddhist and Anglican rosaries look very different.

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Happy Birthday, Charisma! ^_^
Happy Birthday, Charisma!!
Happy Birthday Charisma! Be in more stuff ;)

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