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July 23 2009

The Cabin in the Woods official site goes live. And there's a little Flash teaser for all to enjoy plus a logo as well.

Argh. Can't see on iPhone.
FWIW, that is an image of the actual cabin.
For les ComicConners who can't see it via phone 'cause of its flashiosity:

Simon's long shot and QG's zoom.

I likes it: it's all redandscary.
Creeped out already.
That reminds me very much of the Evil Dead cabin. I'm sure that's not entirely unintentional.

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Sweet. And it appears Shawna Trpcic wasn't lying about the crickets. :)
Oh, can't wait for the first trailer!
Wait, are there nude bears in these woods?
Well gosh, that doesn't look very funny.
And for the 'duh' comment of the day..."Can't wait!!!"
Oh, what a tease! I am so excited for this movie! At least we have a release date now. But 02/05/10 is so far away. :(
We've had the release date for months.
Well, that was already quite unnerving. Still have no idea if this is going to be a movie a non-horror-fan like myself will like, although this trailer trends towards a "no". ;)
It always throws me for a bit when a date's written the American way -- I have to remind myself that, no, I don't have to wait until the 2nd of May, it's actually the 5th of February. Which is a good thing, because I already can't wait. :)
jcs: "Well gosh, that doesn't look very funny."

Come join those lovable Whackeroos, who are up to their usual crazy shenanigans at the funloving-est, sing-songiest, riproaring-est fun-filled rollercoaster ride of a movie: "Cabin in the Woods" - now with 200% more monkeyshines!

Okay, this looks pretty grim, too - but it's a completely different kind of not-funny. A Mouseschwitz kind of old-school unfunny.
Still have no idea if this is going to be a movie a non-horror-fan like myself will like, although this trailer trends towards a "no".

I've had the same thought but since it's Goddard/Whedon, I expect it's going to be the more rare kind of horror I do like.
Also not a horror fan, but I'll go to see this one, just because it's Whedon & Goddard. But this is one I can wait for.
Do we know if they are going for an R rating? I would definetly like to see what an R rated Joss production looks like.
quotergal LOL
Amazing what a few monkeys can do to cheer a place up.
No kidding about the Evil Dead similarity. Even the camera move is very similar to Sam Raimi's style.
Now THAT was scary JadeHand! I really hope Drew and Joss (Dross?) haven't taken that route with CITW.
Also a horror nonfan. I figure I'll wait for the reports from everybody here as to whether I should see it.
Okay, QuoterGal, that made me laugh out loud :).

And yeah, newcj, I'll probably do the same. I'm not counting on a world-wide release date for this, so by the time it hits theaters here (if it hits theaters here), I'll probably know what to expect a bit more (and will probably be spoiled as well, while trying to figure out if this movie is for me). Still, even if it seems like I shouldn't watch it, I probably will eventually on DVD or somesuch, because, well, it's Goddard/Whedon and how-can-I-not :).
What planet are you people from? I'll be avoiding all spoilers and going to see the movie as soon as it hits Australian cinemas
*Gets his chainsaw-hand ready.*
Horror isn't my place, however if Joss start to writes leaflet of medicines I'll frequent the drugstores.
I didn't know the release date 'til just now - that's the week of my birthday :)
All red. Like puppy dog tails. I'm not scared. *holds hand*

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