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July 23 2009

A list of the deleted scenes on the Dollhouse Season 1 DVD. The 23 scenes were recently classified by the British Board of Film Classification.

Oh cool, the Sierra/November scenes from "Omega". I am so freaking excited for this DVD.
Was sent here by Miracle Laurie's twitter :)

Can't wait till next Tuesday!
Are those the order that episodes will appear on the DVD? It seems to me that "True Believer"/"Man on the Street" and "Spy in the House of Love"/"Haunted" are switched around, unless I'm very confused.
Hmm, already seen all of them and gotta say, that I'm a little bit disappointed that there werenít more scenes from Omega, especially with Sierra and November. Paul's "handling" of them was probably my favorite deleted scene. I also liked the other scenes from Omega and Topher's conversation with Claire from the pilot reshoot. Other than that, nothing special.

My least favorite scenes were probably those between Echo and Hayden from the pilot reshoot. Glad that didnít make the final cut. It was boring and seemed terribly out o place...
Ouh, there's that scene I felt was great in the original pilot script, but then couldn't find in the actual episode :).

Are these the exact same on the R1 and R2 discs?
The episode numbers don't quite seem to match up with the descriptions of the scenes, but if these are the scenes we're getting I'm really excited. Also really excited about the fact that there are 29 minutes of deleted scenes. That's like half an episode!
These numbers reflect the production order:

1 - Ghost
2 - Gray Hour
3 - The Target
4 - Stage Frigth
5 - MOTS
6 - True Believer
7 - Echoes
8 - Needs
9 - Haunted
11 - Briar Rose
12 - Omega

(Fox used these numbers too in their press releases. Well, these numbers +1, since they count "Echo" as DOL-101.)

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