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July 23 2009

Female Power Icons in Pop Culture at San Diego Comic-Con. MTV Movies Blog has a write-up of the panel which featured Sigourney Weaver, Eliza Dushku, Zoe Saldana and Elizabeth Mitchell. More coverage over at and Variety and here's a pic provided by Eliza.

It seems like a real compliment to Eliza Dushku and Dollhouse to be included in this panel, I'm really happy to see her up there!
Simon: Tags.
Yeah, I put that down to feeding Adam at 2.30am.
Heh, I was going to suggest we start calling her Iggy. ;)
This looks like it was a great panel. I'm glad it's getting coverage from entertainment blogs. Especially with those blunt criticisms.
Where Eliza D. is supposed to be.
That panel made my day. Well, after I got the ticket to the Joss & Eliza Dollhouse signing for tomorrow. It was icing.
I dunno, they're pretty trite criticisms at this point. What's not to post?

Name the unattractive male mega-stars and it's a pretty thin list too. Hollywood's shallow because the viewing public is. Those same 65 year old men would give you plain women and male leads played by chimps if it made them 7%. *shrugs*

We're lucky that we get as many Kathy Bates and Paul Giamatti's that just slink in under the radar long enough to be noticed as we do.

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Im glad they put Sigourney in there. Ripley seems to be forgotten quite often when kick ass female tv/film icons are talked about.
That panel made my day. Well, after I got the ticket to the Joss & Eliza Dollhouse signing for tomorrow. It was icing.

I was surprised by how many tickets they had. I got mine around 4:00, and they just had a huge stack of 'em. The ticket means I'm guaranteed, though, right? As long as I show up and all that?
It was an awesome panel and Zoe Saldana was the highlight and the revelation. She was really impressive and "awesome" just like Elizabeth Mitchell said.
It was a great panel - and I have to say I was impressed by Zoe Saldana - she seemed very switched on. I think the last paragraph takes what see said about Wonder Women out of context - as well as what's written (and saying she liked Megan Fox) she said you had to make it a voyage of discovery like Neo in The Matrix. That is, more than a cute girl in a costume running around kicking butt.

Also when asked about why Wonder Women wasn't been made Eliza jokingly said 'Because I'm not available.' :-)

Must go sleep, another big day tomorrow.
What timing. I just saw the new "Star Trek" movie last night, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it, including the feistier Uhura. I am disappointed though, that they couldn't have at least a cameo of a tougher Janice Rand and Pike's original 1st Officer "Number 1".

In the original pilot, that we saw spliced into "Menagerie", Spock is the Science Officer only, the First Officer was a tough, emotionless woman, played by Majel Barret. Audiences weren't ready for a cool woman in a leadership position, so she got bumped down to nurse(!), and Spock got a promotion and lost his emotions in the second pilot. Since Spock is already Pike's First Officer in the new movie, it would have been a nice call-back to the original, and to the changing acceptance of women in action roles, to have had a moment showing "Number 1" as a Captain of her own vessel in one of the scenes.
And before Capt. Ripley bitch-slapped, Emma Peel kicked butt with karate skills on "The Avengers."

Edited to keep my peels and steeds separate.

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From the story: "Before Buffy slayed, Lara Croft raided and Starbuck, erů drank..."
That's not quite accurate, is it? I believe the second BG started after Buffy, and in the first Starbuck was a man.
"Hollywood's shallow because the viewing public is."

As evidenced by the fact that the phenomenon isn't limited to Hollywood. Everything else being equal, an attractive person is more likely to get the job or promotion in any walk of life.
witchlover, maybe they're considering that Starbuck came to Earth millions of years ago, with the rest os the Colony. What could means that the primitive demons Giles said were habiting our planet, were Cylons.
They're saying that Ripley came before all of those, not that Starbuck came before Buffy.
jcs - You're right - my bad, although they should have used "or" instead of "and" in the sentence. Of course, that just underscores barboo's point, although it was Emma Peel, not Emma Steed.
Oops. Corrected now. Thanks witchlover.

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