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July 23 2009

Dr Horrible comic book coming out later this year. It's part of Dark Horse's One Shot Wonders which highlights the company's "biggest characters and properties in standalone comics". Presumably it'll be a collection of the online Dr Horrible comic strips.

I wonder if they'll have a strip exclusive to the standalone...
Sugarshock too!
Sugarshock? Awesome. Holding out finally pays off.

It will be great to have it in a comic book just by itself.
One could hope TPTP (The Powers That Publish) will do the same kind of print editions for the Angel/Buffyverse and Firefly online comics, too. My old, farty, slowly-dying laptop only lets me check out Dark Horse's site when _it_ feels like it. ::sigh::

Still-- YAY, Dark Horse!!! Thank you! I'll be waiting for this at my local comic book store with money in hand.
That's actually quite good news. I've been wanting solo-print edition for Sugar Shock and those Dr. Horrible comics for quite some time. And if there's new pages involved in either one of those, I'll be a very happy camper :).

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