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July 23 2009

(SPOILER) Charisma joins Legend of the Seeker's Season 2 premiere. From Comic Con, comes the news of our very own CC getting another gig in genre land.

Hmmm. Legend of the Seeker. I watched the first two episodes of that show, but stopped because I felt it was really quite bad.

Still, I might watch Charisma's episode just because it'd be fun to see her in something again.
I've been a fan of the books for years now. I tried the show halfway through the first season, then gave up on it. There's seven hundred pages per book, so you'd think it would be a bit more serialized.

I'll watch. For Charisma's sake.
I like this show, would watch it just for Bruce Spence even if I didn't like it, and I predict Charisma will have a lot of fun down under. I hope she's an evil Mord-Sith so that those whedonesquers watching for the first time will at least have a lot of very tight red leather eye candy to drool over.
I've never seen it but if it's like Krod Mandoon I'm in.
Awesome. The show started out seeming pretty derivative, but I ended up enjoying it as it went on. It's somewhat cheesy, but good fun with charismatic actors. And I've always thought their relationship was Buffyesque, which the star is a fan of. It'll be great seeing Charisma on it.
I REALLY got into Legend of the Seeker, and can't wait to see Charisma on it! Who knows, maybe her character might turn into a recurring role?
Is this still going? I managed 3 episodes and had to stop watching as it was so bad. It made Hercules look good! ;)
I find this whole thing (syndicated TV) very odd. It's just made, then places grab a hold of it. I think I need to live in the states to fully get my mind around that idea.

Anyway, saw a commercial for it on Sci-Fi UK and thought it was another cheap Sci-Fi original movie - I might change my mind, but I probably won't be watching. Even if it has Charisma. :/
Happy for Charisma, I miss seeing her on tv. But, Legend of the Seeker is really, really bad.
I like the show, and am thrilled to have a syndicated show back on the air. The magical protection line is possibly one of the funniest things I've ever heard on TV. And New Zealand is so pretty.

I think I read the first book in high school and hated it (I read a lot of fantasy novels then, so I might be confused). But I'm not overly fond of how women (in general) are portrayed. The good women with power control people with their touch and can never be intimate with a man (because he would become under her control). The bad women are all leather and pain.

It will be good to see Charisma. Even though I dislike the broad shackles on women with power in the universe, the individual female characters are quite strong, if that makes any sense.
So she's appearing as a leather clad warrior in a Sam Raimi and Rob Tapart produced New Zealand based fantasy series. Why does this sound familiar?

Maybe she will get her own spin off. Wouldn't Felicia Day make a great "Gabrielle" to Charisma's "Xena"?
Oh lord. I'm afraid of this show, but I will watch anything, no matter how tragic, with Ms. Carpenter in it. I love Cordelia that much.
I've really enjoyed the series, and I know all the actors mention how much they love Buffy in interviews that I've seen with them. There's a nice mix of a season long arc and one shot episodes and I like the characters.
There are times, though, that the dialogue stumbles around until falling flat on its face.
Charisma is in, my viewing decision is made.
Oh, good! I caught the tail-end of the last episode late one night, and got hooked 'cause it was so odd. But I keep forgetting what time/night it's on.

I'd like to see Charisma in something else, so once this hits the States I'll have to remember to watch it.
I think all of the episodes are available on the website.

The show is definitely not campy like the Hercules/Xena genre, even gets a little overly earnest at times, but despite the fact that Kahlan is in long flowing white and the Mord-Sith are in skintight red leather, most of the women are portrayed fairly realistically. This is a medieval fantasy so of course the main good/bad characters are going to be strong archetypes.

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