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July 23 2009

'Participate: The Revolution of Fan Culture' - a documentary. A very interesting look at fandom, features some great quotes from Joss.

The video isn't loading...
Fine at my end. Anyone else having diffs?
Video works for me. But a half hour is a little long to be goofing off at work so I'll have to watch this one later--looks interesting.

I'm loving The Black today!! All these great front page posts and we really haven't even gotten to the comic-con stories yet...wooo-hoo!!
It is working for me, though it is a bit jerky at times...specifically when Joss is on, oddly enough.

There are outtakes after the credits, BTW. Everybody else is fooling around, distracted or getting back on track while Joss seems to be getting the interviewer on track. (The TV/film professional is evident. ;) )
Vid worked for me, though I wish the audio was better for some of the interviewees. It nicely sums up fan culture to date, and it's great that the creation of the vid basically makes its own point. Nifty bit on the fans of before becoming the writers/actors/directors of nowish -- and also, that fan-created vid with the light-saber-fightin' duo rocked. :)
Vid worked for me (Firefox 3.5, XP, and I guess 'UK' since that might also play a part).

Nice set of interviews though I agree the audio was (understandably) sometimes a bit noisy and also a couple of times it felt like Joss was cut off before he got to the actual "meat" of his response. I particularly liked the Penny Arcade dude's comment about how conventions were a single point in space and time but the internet allowed fandoms to sort of "smear out" and keep going all the time.

(hadn't heard of that 'Forbidden Science' show before but having Googled it it actually sounds kind of like Dollhouse but - presumably, since it's on Cinemax - with the porn element being a bit more overt and probably a bit less examined by the show itself too. Odd convergence)

And for those that haven't seen them, Ryan vs "Dorkman" and the (even better) second instalment.

Amazing efforts both (dunno if it was deliberate but the evolution reminded me of the actual Star Wars light-sabre fights since the first one is more two dimensional with all the action in more or less one plane whereas the follow-up is much more three dimensional and more acrobatic in general).
Apparently my computer can't handle it because it keeps getting stuck.

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