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October 01 2003

James Marsters and the airplane incident? James talks about how he is when angry at Drag Con

Did anyone who went to the Drag Con find out about James and the
airplane incident?

" One of the better bits came when someone asked James about how
much Spike was in James. He said that Spike was his anger and Joss'
humor, and then went on to say that he is not a nice person when
he's mad. That in fact, he's an asshole. He pointed to someone in
the first row then, and said, "You know. The airplane? I can be an
asshole, right?" Obviously there was some story there, but the next
person came up to the mic to ask a question. Things got sidetracked
then, because Andy pulled out his wallet and began trying to bribe
whoever it was in the first row to tell the story, starting with a
single bill, then going to $40, and finally asking her if she'd take
a credit card. "

Thanks to Eurydice for Con report Extract from the Buffy Panel. Full
report is here:

FYI: Linkless posts aren't allowed. I edited your post so it points to the full report url you supplied.
Also, the transcript was linked to, basically covering the event.

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