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July 24 2009

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! The amazing actress turns 28 today.

The amazing and beautiful Summer Glau turns 28 today! I'm sure you will join me in wishing her an excellent year, and all the luck in the world.

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Darn. My first front page post, and I mess it up.
Summer, you are made of awesome, both as an act-ron and as a per-son! Have fun, celebrate the anniversary of you, and get your dance on, su-prima!
Happy birthday to Summer!

Anyone knows already what was the movie project she was interessed when still there wasn't confirmation about Terminator being axed?
Happy B-Day
Happy Birthday Summer! :D

When is she going to get twitter? I'd love to be on their.
"Not seeing what happened to Cameron" has joined "Not seeing what happened to Illyria" in my list of TV grievances.

I'll just have to wait to see what she does next.

Happy birthday Summer!
And here I've been all day not knowing that it's this spectacular women's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Summer!
Have a very shiny birthday, Summer!
Happy birthday to her. And Barry Bonds. And me!
Have a wonderful birthday Summer!
Happy Birthday Summer!
Oops. I was gonna comment ages ago, got distracted. XD

Well, as everybody knows, Summer is star dust and we hope she'll soon settle on a screen near us. Just can't wait!

Best of wishes, Summer, and a merry Birthday!
Many happy returns, Summer!
Happy Birthday, Summer -- you're really terrific and Sarah Connor Chronicles was the best show on TV last season. Good luck in all that comes your way and we hope to see you early and often.

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