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July 24 2009

Dark Horse's Scott Allie confirms 'The Guild' comic book. And Felicia be writing it (the press release can be found here). And speaking of The Guild, the Whedons were out in force at today's Comic Con panel.

Oh I wish I was at SDCC! *sigh*
sounds sweet...and now I am even more bummed I missed the Guild panel today :(
Sounds cool, especially the two artists idea, that could work really well.

Very glad Felicia's writing it herself too.
Interesting news about The Guild that is. Also, that picture of The Trio is... er, awesome!
Oh wow, did you see these costumes? Who made these costumes?!?!
I hadn't seen those costumes but i'm glad I have now, cheers embers ;).

And whoever made them deserves a medal.
Oh wow, so cute! Especially jealous of Comic Con attendees this year.
Felicia actually plays, right?
IIRC she used to, think she said she had to stop because the time spent "in world" was reaching the problem stage.
I am soooo jealous. I would love to be there. Oh well, maybe one day....... sigh.
According to TubeFilter, Jed Whedon directed and co-wrote a music video that The Guild cast appeared in.

Looks like the costumes were for the music video as well as the panel appearance.
Earlier tweet: Maurissa Tancharoen was a backup dancer. Sarah Trost made the costumes.

Felicia: "Jed Whedon made the nerdiest people on the internet COOL."

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Aww, Wil Wheaton's in it too now ? Made of rule, right down at the atomic level.

That sounds like a great panel, they certainly brought loads of "presents" for the fans. And how can a Whedon/Guild cross-pollination not totally rock ?

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