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July 24 2009

(SPOILER) io9 recaps Epitaph One at the Dollhouse panel. ... and Joss spills other golden magic beans about what's to come in Season 2. More coverage of the panel and the reviews of the episode can be found at E! Online, BuddyTV, Alan Sepinwall's review site,, TV Guide, The Watcher, the TV addict, /Film and

Best news I've heard in a while.
That would be cool. He would have been a great James Bond.
Joy! I've been wishing for more Denisof on my TV for a very long time.

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So very happy about this!!!! I miss Alexis.
I retitled this so as to avoid people clicking the link not understanding it is primarily a detailed recap of Epitaph One and some of Joss's panel comments. Not that Alexis Denisof isn't an excellent announcement and all.
I was always catiousiously optimistic that we'd see Alexis in Dollhouse, only because I remember an interview with Joss saying that he was always looking for roles that he could cast Alexis and Amy in. But now that it's actually happening, ah, I thought I was already excited for Season 2.
Hollywood's a weird place. You'd think the man would be able to get more roles than he does.
Most of us are waiting until July 28 to see what all the fuss is about. Which isn't a problem. Knowing Joss, I find the wait well worth it.
As expected there's a fair bit of coverage so I've added some more links to the entry.
Hooray for seeing Alexis! Definitely need to see more of him!
Wouldn't AD make a most delectable Mr. Ambrose???

Sheer speculation on my part, of course.
Haven't we met Mr Ambrose?

But yeah hopefully Alexis will be someone wonderfully evil from Rossum... and British so he can square off against Olivia.
Maybe he could play a Doll from another house.
I will be sooooooooo glad to see Alexis Denisoff.

WHo is Mr. Ambrose again? I'm bad with names.
Yay! Alexis

It's been too long since we've seen him.
Ouh, I'm definately liking the sound of the second season more and more :). Plus, Alexis = yay-age. Truly one of the most criminally underused actors, well, possibly ever ;)
So now I get why the cast hasn't aged....except uh, shouldn't Whiskey have???
Maybe he could play a Doll from another house.

Or perhaps a director? Operational leadership of the network? Or maybe....wait for it....beta?

Oh gosh, there's a thousand directions Joss can take this story. Knowing that Alex will be a part of it just pegged the meter. So looking forward to season two.
Felicia and Michael Ausiello twitpic.
She's so damn cute.
The panel was spectacular, at least for my first time ever going to Comic-Con. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the signing afterwards, they had closed the line :( I'm moving to LA in the fall. Does anyone know if Joss does signings there with any frequency? I seem to recall at least a couple news items throughout my years here along the lines of, "Joss going to [some store] for a signing"...
Cultural Learnings has a great review of E1 up too.
And even TVBTN is amazed.

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