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July 25 2009

Fran Kranz and Dichen Lachman talk Topher and Sierra. Nice little video interview conducted at Comic Con.

That was fun. Particularly for those of us who can't be at Comic Con.
Nice video.

Be sure to check out Jane's video on Caprica as well. She compares it to Buffy.

Jane Video
Fun interview with Fran and Dichen. In the dark as they may be, i'd still pay folding money to know what they know (and then probably pay double to unknow it).

And JaneE making a whole lot of sense as usual (the "moral cheatsheet" stuff takes what made BSG awesome and bottles it). Just once i'd like to see an interview with her where she doesn't say something witty and/or wise, it'd make me feel better about myself. C'mon Jane, throw a guy a frikkin' bone here ;).

(also watched the Mark Millar/John Romita one for 'Kick-Ass' and Millar was on top form)
The LA Times is doing a great job of covering Comic-Con: they have a lot of videos up and have asked interesting questions! Kudos to them.
The cast have really gelled well together. Kudos to whoever was involved in the casting.
That was hella cute. And I loved when Dichen caught herself swearing. Her reaction just made me smile.
Dichen's reaction was absolutely priceless.
Fran and Dichen are just beyond adorable. Joss hasn't lost his touch in picking uber-talented young people who bring the pretty almost as an after-thought.

And Jane is a goddess, I'm seriously excited about Caprica. I loved that she doesn't quite know which hat to wear, but prefers "head writer".

Thanks wisengrund and theclynn. I could spend all night browsing YouTube for the best videos. Or, do a quick scan of these threads and get pointed straight to them.
Next best thing to being there. :)

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