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July 25 2009

Titan's still flying with Firefly. Remember last month when it was discovered that there was going to be a third Firefly Official Companion book and we all wondered what it would contain? Well Titan Books has now officially announced 'Firefly Still Flying' and more details are revealed.

Very Interesting. I think I'll be picking this little gem up.
I had to go check the covers of the 2 Firefly companions cause I thought it was the same cover. Not. I'll be picking this little gem up too.
I love it when people put "You Can't Stop The Signal" randomly into sentences...

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Ooh ! Definitely getting. This looks really awesome. :)
Well, yeah, there was certainly more info than, y'know, no-info-at-all there, but still not quite sure what to expect. I'm considering buying this, but I'll wait to see if the stuff that's in there is interesting enough to warrant actual pick-up-age as these books are not free :).
The other two volumes were terrific, so I'm hoping this one will be as well. Definitely picking it up.
Good timing. Just re-watched the original FF pilot. Off to revisit my volumes I and II.
Defenitly a must buy. The other two where realy good, so hopefully this one is to.
I tried to get them photos of the Jayne head for Volume 2 to go with the 'Jaynestown' script... but they told me they were already locked for print.

Wonder if there's time for this volume?

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Sweet! I'll add it to my Amazon wishlist as soon as it's listed :)

Hopefully there is still time. Amazon release date says March 16, 2010.


Firefly: Still Flying on Amazon

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