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October 01 2003

(SPOILER) Buffy protege wingin' it. David Boreanaz on the new cast for Season 5, Joss Whedon's role and his own idea on how the show should end.

"I think Angel should just become human and go walk outside into the sun and then get hit by a bus. That'd be funny, but I don't think it'd go over too well."


It could be cross over with Six Feet Under.
I always used to think the show should end with Angel becoming human then either dying a really stupid death, or being re-sired straight away.
But since "Grave" I've changed my mind because I am of the firm belief that Spike is the prophesised "shanshu" vampire.
It would be a waste of 4 seasons of Angel if it turned out Spike was the prophesised one.
Yes, yes it would.

Personally that's why I'd love it. That collapse of Angel's hopes and expectations would be fantastic. It would be far more devastating than any of the other miseries he's had to bear. It would obviously inspire some underserved hatred (in addition to the current deserved hatred) toward Spike, and it would simply be a great storytelling device.

Then again, I'm a big fan of seeing protagonists in pain, and of bittersweet endings.
I really hope Joss doesn't read the above, it's the sort of thing he goes for.

I'm a simple soul whose always wanted Angel to become human in the very last episode and be re-united with Buffy and they all live happily ever after.
Blarrrrgh. Buffy and Angel have barely talked to each other (besides that one day that got set back) for five years. It wouldn't seem realistic to me at all for him to turn human, have her show up, and everything is all twu wuv 4eva circa Buffy the high school years. Buffy and her ex boyfriend vamps need to just let it all go. I'm all for moving forward in life (or unlife, as it can be in this world), and I really think all the shippers in this fandom want to remain in a time warp.

Ever since Spike got his soul, I've been wondering if the whole shanshu thing is going to happen for him, since something like that would be so completely tragic for Angel. And that level of suffering is very much Angel. If Angel was suddenly happy (in a non psychotic killing spree sort of way), I don't know if I could handle it. Angel and Spike are moody and brooding and mopey and bad things happen to them often. Happy endings don't jive well with me. Not when it comes to those two. Then again, I doubt that Spike wants to be a human anyway, so if he shanshued that would be badness for him.

But I think there's more plot twists ahead yet. Prophecies are always vague and Wes isn't the greatest translator sometimes. Anything can change before the end of the series.
When I first heard someone talking about the possibility that the "shanshu" prophecy was meant for Spike last year, my first reaction was excitement. -- Not because I am a Spike fan, but just because of the fact that it'd be an evil plot twist. All those years believing that Angel will one day become human, only to find out that he was never ever destined to shanshu...

And I dig evil plot twist. =P

As for Angel and Buffy together, I agree with lalaa, they spent so many years apart, I don't think that Angel becoming human is going to be *all* that's needed for them to get together. They don't know about each other's lives anymore. Not that they couldn't be together, just not that simple.
The news article was written by a man named Kevin Williamson.

Wasn't that the name of the guy who created Dawson's Creek?

I realize it's a coincidence, but still.. it's pretty funny.

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