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July 25 2009

Dark Horse's Scott Allie reveals the next wave of Whedon comic books. There's info about the Dr Horrible comic book, the three part Shepherd Book tale, the Patton Oswalt penned Serenity one-shot, the Willow comic book and The Cabin In The Woods tie-in. More details can be found over at Buffyfest. Coverage of today's Dark Horse panel which includes details about the much talked about Buffy season 9 can be found at Comic Book Resources and Newsarama.

So Joss is co-writng the Willow one-shot.Wonder who he's co-writng it with?

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Alyson? There was talk of a Buffy actor getting involved from what I recall.
Aly would be interesting but when I think comics and Buffy actor it's Amber Benson that first comes to mind (especially in connection with Willow).

Love that Patton Oswald pitched Serenity stories during the shoot. Big nerd ;).

- New Dr. Horrible comic;
- Joss co-written Willow one-shot;
- Patton Oswald serenity one-shot;
- Book's backstory 3 parter;
- Cabin in the Woods comic by Joss;
- The Guild comic written by Felicia Day.

I'd say that's a pretty good haul :). And yeah, I'm with Saje. I'm going to be picturing him pitching Serenity stories between shoots, next time I rewatch MotS :)
Ooo...not a big fan of co-written comics in the Jossverse. We'll see.
Like Christmas in July (look at the calendar)!
Wow, fantastic news. All things that I will definitely check out.

Didn't IDW's ANGEL panel finish a while ago? Where is that news? Hope it hits before my break at work is over!
Yes,the IDW panel is done.

Bill Willingham is the new ongoing writer of Angel starting with issue 28.
Patton Oswalt.

Sorry. I'm anal like that.

All this stuff sounds awesome, though!
Apparently he's writing a Wash tale.
Patton Oswalt.

I thought 'Oswald' looked wrong. Didn't look wrong enough obviously ;).
Even more Karl Moline on the way, woohoo.
Amber's comics experience is extensive enough by now she could be called on to write any cahracter, not just Tara, or even Willow. That said, scott ahs said she's also a little too busy for this stuff right now.
where is the full report for angel? did no one go from here?
I haven't seen a full report for the Angel panel hit yet.Just the small bits from Twitter.

The Buffyfest podcast interview gave some really interesting new info on upcoming season 8 stuff as did the Dark Horse panel.

I'm actually afraid now of what's coming at the end of,"Retreat."

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patxshand I can't find any coverage of the Angel panel, IDW haven't even put a press release yet. But rest assured there will be a front page entry about it.
Bill Willingham as the ongoing writer of Angel is pretty big news.I can't believe there won't be some full press release/panel reports coming from the big comic sites.

I've read Bill Willingham's work on the Batman books a few years ago and the Day Of Vengence/Shadowpact stuff at DC.Plus his early issues of Salvation Run.

But what he's really famous for is his Eisner winning comic series,"Fables."I've never read it but I know that everyone who has,raves about it.
Hooray we can now talk about it on the front page,
The Willow one-shot sounds excellent...I am glad the Snake Woman story is going to be told. The one-shot gives it a bit more depth than it may have gotten as a subplot in the main series.

Now that I've seen the CITW poster, I'm a little more excited for it and the comic.

As for Sugarshock, definitely considering a purchase.
I love that Scott Allie is wearing a feminist T-shirt that dates to the '70s, at least.
Was admiring that t-shirt too, but didn't know it was vintage. Cool.

Really enjoyed Patton Oswalt as the friend and co-worker of the father, Max, on United States of Tara (Showtime's half-hour drama starring Toni Colette about multiple personality disorder) and he was very good in Dollhouse's "Man on the Street" as well. Didn't know he was a comic enthusiast, this might be interesting (it's still a "Firefly" story if it's pre-movie, IMO. It involves a live Wash. Dark Horse has a great relationship with Fox in terms of licensing, so I'm not sure why they can't be "Firefly" comics instead of "Serenity". There's no movie to promote anymore, so it's not necessary).

Still very curious to know who will be writing the Book mini-series when it's finally set into motion. Brett Matthews working from a Joss outline again ? Sorry Brett, if you're on Whedonesque reading this, but I'm eager to see someone else take a stab at the Serenity comics. If not Joss, has Tim Minear ever written comics or talked about trying them out ?

Willow comic -- I like Karl Moline's art of the Fray era, I wasn't as keen on his style in Buffy Season 8. Certain panels and figures were fine, but I guess either due to time constraints or the way his style has changed over the years, I just found it looked less polished and pleasing to the eye compared to what he gave us in Fray. Maybe it'll change again though, maybe it changes based on what project he's doing (lot of artists in comics switch it up frequently, consciously). Great if Joss is at least behind the outline of the story, if he takes it on himself, bonus.

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Still very curious to know who will be writing the Book mini-series when it's finally set into motion. Brett Matthews working from a Joss outline again ? Sorry Brett, if you're on Whedonesque reading this, but I'm eager to see someone else take a stab at the Serenity comics.

While I admit that "Those Left Behind" is not his best work, and really is just a teaser/filler/precap for the movie, Matthews really got me on board with "Better Days". Maybe because it is not riding on the back of such an elephant, it really had the freedom of being a stand-alone episode of the show. And it became one of my favorites, to be honest, probably above "Heart of Gold".

As for other writer's: We already had Jim Kruger write "The Other Half", and while it didn't resonate as much with me as Matthews' "Better Days" did, I still liked it a lot.

And we'll get Patton Oswalt. All in all: I'm happy with the author-landscape that's up for the Firefly/Serenity-comics. :)
I'm still wondering about who the co-writer is for the Willow comic book.
This is just random speculation.Maybe Marti Noxon found some free time to do a little writing for season 8.Noxon said a while back that she would love to work on the season 8 comics but her schedule was so full.Co-writing the Willow one-shot with Joss might be way to do it while working it into her busy schedule?
Yay for all the Whedon and Co. stuff coming up. Can't wait!

Buffyfantic - I agree it would be great to see Marti Noxon write for Buffy S8. She is one of my fave writers! :)

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