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"...and the weird thing is, your aura? Beige."
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July 25 2009

Joss talks about Cabin In The Woods and Buffy comics. He also talks about working in different media.

"I made the mistake that makes a marketer's life hell. Our movie has a plot."

I love Joss and his wacky mistakes.
Fantasy people just want their god-damned fantasy.

Damn straight.
Those posters are *hilarious*. Wil Wheaton just tweeted them.
That's interesting what he said about working in different media. Personally, I love the whole crossover fiction between storytelling mediums when it's done well, as it always is with Joss. With how many comics he does, one wouldn't get the impression that he DOESN'T like it. Things like Tales of the Slayers and Fray are incredible expansions of the Buffy mythology that are in my opinion brilliant uses of the comics medium to build on what was already established on TV.

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