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July 25 2009

Trailer for Stephen DeKnight's Spartacus: Blood and Sand now online (NSFW). This is the trailer that premiered yesterday at the Comic Con panel.

On the show's official site, DeKnight is listed as Exec Producer and Head Writer; a short blog post from DeKnight is posted elsewhere on the Starz site.

Looks frakkin' INTENSE!

PS - Lucy Lawless FTW.

I think I will watch this. DeKnight and Raimi sounds like an interesting pairing.
This is a TV-movie, mini-series, or full blown series ?

What else has Starz aired ? Network sounds familiar, but I can't recall anything specific and critically lauded that they've shown.

If the writing is there, looks like it has tonnes of potential. At the very least, the trailer makes it look like the most testosterone-drenched thing on TV short of the UFC.
Oh, I love this style of movie, the fact that Stephen DeKnight has a hand in it is just icing on the cake.


Opps, sorry, my Roman is showing again. Silly Centurion I am.
Wow, that looks really good.
@Kris this is a 13 episode series for the pay channel Starz. We'll see if they get renewed.

Starz is one of the lesser pay channels just recently started branching into original series -- their show CRASH is doing a season 2, as is their hilarious show PARTY DOWN (season 1 is available on Netflix Watch Instantly and I highly rec it!)...
their show CRASH is doing a season 2

A TV show based on a movie? That cannot be good. ;)

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