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July 25 2009

Echo Alert interview with Miracle Laurie. The new episode of the Echo Alert podcast features an interview with Miracle Laurie as does The SciFi Diner Podcast.

Great interview, they managed to ask some good questions and she made some interesting observations. And she really conveyed how much she loves the show and everyone on it!
Someone tweeted us a link to another Miracle interview so I added that to your entry. Hopefully it's not the same one!
Don't worry. They are two different interviews.
Well the first interview has poor sound in places, but at least they don't waste our time by droning on for what felt like an hour (eg that 2nd interview 'The SciFi Diner', where the interview is about 2/3 of the way into the podcast). I think Echo Alert is the more interesting and better interviewers.
I agree. The Echo Alert interview is better. The SciFi Diner interview is still worth listening to though. (Fortunately it has chapters and you can just skip to the interview.)
The Echo Alert iv is really great. Insightful, funny and... well, rad. :)
Most podcasts have an interview as PART of their regular episode, complaining about that is kind of like complaining about the Today Show droning on when they have "a special guest" at the end of the show. :D

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