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July 25 2009

Bill Willingham to write Angel. This is great news as his Fables series is one of the best comic books in recent years. There's an interview with him about the writing gig at Comic Book Resources.

I haven't read Fables but I know fans rave about it.I have read several of his mainstream DC universe work like on Batman and Day Of Vengeance.

Interesting,so each issue of Angel will feature two stories.One with Angel and one with a new character named Eddie Hope with the backup story paralleling Angel's story in the main feature.

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Hmm. Remember that Kelly Armstrong has a strong resume.

And we all know how that turned out.
Holy crap! :O Awesome news.

If there was anything to get me reading the Angel comics again, this would be it.
Just a heads up: the site just rattled my virus scanner which gave me a warning and said the site gave me a virus. Not sure if it hick-upped or anything, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

Anyway, exciting news, I've heard great stories about 'Fables'. Are these new issues still going to be canon, by the way?
Not the C word!!!

Not sure who this writer is...but everyone seems excited. So thats all of the good:)
This is definitely exciting news. I've been following Fables in the trades and it's a really solid book. Bill is a real expert at scripting for the comic medium, lots of really extensive details to each panel so the artists really knows what he wants. I can't wait to see how this arc shapes up.
Wow.....thats a lot of excitement Nolan:)

Willingham is awfully conservative, so I'm cautious about this.
Has anyone heard any news regarding Angel # 26-27?
I'm excited that Angel's story is continuing, but am withholding judgement on the 'new' character story.
First interview with the new writer!!
Since when does someone's political leanings bear any relation to their ability to write?
I've read the first two Fables trades and 1001 Nights of Snowfall and I must say this news greatly excites me :)
Heh... that image of Angel (a new cover?) is waaaay better than any drawing of Angel that I saw in "Aftermath", but apparently the reference material used was of S5 Angel, with the pudge, and no neck... Love the little imps though...
Intrigued by the angle that the writer seems to be coming from... but I do wonder if the Angel character will be overshadowed in his own franchise.
CowboyCliche: Kelley Armstrong has a strong resume with a series of novels, not comics, all set in the same world. Willingham has a way stronger resume of comics spread across the map. Plus, Fables is one of the best books being published right now.
Didn't finish Coventry (one more issue, how hard would that have been)

And Fables is just about ok (i'm ignoring Super heroes rubbish) it amuses me no end when people compare it to Sandman.

No I have no Bill Willingham issues at all :) The Coventry issue I have been nursing for many years :)
This is very good news.
riker: So I assume you hated all Tim Minear's episodes? ;)
And David Greenwalt's for that matter. ;)
Be nice if we stuck to the news that Bill is writing for Angel. Don't particularly want to see this thread get derailed into who has what political leanings.
No offense to the new guy, but surely IDW knows by now that they should only trust Brian Lynch with Angel?
Ah so perhaps I should read the rest of the thread so I have comment about politics as opposed to whine about issue 3 of Coventry?

(yep probably shouldn't have access to the internet when drunk)
I love Brian Lynch, but I think John Byrne did pretty well by our boy.
Blood And Trenches is the best Jossverse comic written thus far out of all of them, IMO!
Brian Lynch is the best Buffyverse comic writer so far, the way I see it. But I think Bill Willingham will craft a brilliant, epic, and character driven story... because he did with FABLES. Can't wait to see what he brings to the series.

Blood and Trenches was very good as well.
This is phenomenal news. I wasn't too into the recent Angel books, but if there's anyone that can get me to come back, it's Bill Willingham. And if they announce BKV as the next writer for the title, my perfect day of nerdness will be complete.
Glad to hear it... and glad that Angel is coming out with the new "During the fall" issues, because honestly.. I was about to give up. The last issues have been lackluster - then I got the Gunn issue. Brilliant.

Quick aside.. Joss's involvement - could be cool, no? A Monthly 3-4 hour meeting on where to go with the story form Joss.. his stamp would mean a lot.

Of course, I'd like him to come over for dinner as well.. but in both cases, he's probably pretty busy.
daylight: Since always.

kalia: Thanks for that enlightening tidbit. I knew there was something I couldn't quite put my finger on.
I love Willingham, but I think I'm through with the Angel series as all of this is out of continuity for me. After the Fall barely teetered on the continuity line despite Joss's pseudo-involvement and my deep emotional connection to its final issues. Good luck to those involved!
From the 'I love Willingham!' comments it sounds promising.
I dunno if he can top Brian Lynch, though. I'm not sure about this 'Eddie Hope' character, either.

I don't like how the Angel series keeps getting bounced around - Lynch, then Armstrong, back to Lynch and now Willingham. It doesn't seem as tight-knit as Buffy S8. Also, lack of Joss is upsetting (though I understand he's busy with S8, Dollhouse etc...) but I would like to see him at least give an indication of where he wants to take this. It seems like we're straying from the whole theme of Angel (possibly due to the chaos that was Aftermath).

Brian kept the Angel-vibe going well, I don't know if Willingham will be able to continue it.

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