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September 01 2002

Would you say it was a breakaway pop hit or more of a book number? Zap2It has an article about celebs choosing the song that 'defines' them. Two JossVerse actors are included. J. August Richards (Gunn on AtS) picks "Sarah Smile," by Hall & Oates, and Anthony Stewart Head has his heart set on Ann Peebles' "I can't stand the Rain".

To illustrate the Watcher's choice, here's an old mp3 file we dug up of Head singing that same song at a Con some years ago. It also serves to illustrate Head's own non-Giles-birravuluvvie accent. We're only messing, Tony. Dahling.

Joss himself picked "Something from 'West Side Story.' It's the only thing in my range."

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