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July 26 2009

Video of the Dollhouse panel at Comic Con. If you couldn't make it, you can now watch the panel online. There's seven parts in all, so here's parts two, three, four, five, six and seven. And also has a great pic of Eliza and Joss as part of their Comic Con Portrait Gallery.

Eeek, I'm afraid to click lest the sound is what it so often has been (you can hear a few people mumble in the distance)!
Great link, thanks.

Hunted, the sound is fine. :)
Well I disagree geratongs3000, but that's the way it is - so not much to do.
I've definitely heard worse ComicCon sound, but apart from not hearing the occasionally question. Everything's great.
I for one am thrilled at this post--the next best thing to being there in person. Thanks for taking the time and effort ECSmith34! (you too Simon, all those links would have taken me an hour.)

And frankly, I can't imagine dealing with all those rabid fans and their mad dash for seats. Like some sick game of musical chairs.
It is very exciting to me that the video is getting posted so quickly, it seems to me that in the past we waited weeks to see the tapes of the individual panels, but this year I get to see David Tennant kiss John Barrowman right away! Er... I mean, Joss and um....
Yes, thanks so much for the links. I can speak for many here who appreciate them. The sound is fine, btw. Cheers!
Very much appreciated.

Also, although I'd read it beforehand, hearing Joss actually say that "certain young ingenue" would be making a couple of appearances gave me significant happies. Glau too, obviously, but really, at least she was actually on TV regularly the last couple of years. My television has been seriously Denisof-deficient.

And man, those Shakespeare readings have really been responsible for their fair share of awesomeness through the years, huh? First Illyria, now Alpha?

Edited because I forgot a syllable

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Thanks, great stuff.

The Guild panel is on YouTube as well - part one. Just scroll down in the "More From" section on the right for the rest.
I wish I had a tenth of the energy Eliza has. Her enthusiasm is very contagious.
These are great for those of us who can't be there!
The Guild panel was awesome (at least by all accounts - not there personally, dammit).

And while I think Jed is the only one shown in these Youtube vids, all of the Whedony Fantastic Four were there in the front row. Plus you've got Wil "sounds-suspiciously-like-Whedon" Wheaton on stage, so the Guild panel was probably as Whedony a gathering of Whedons and near-Whedons as you are likely to find.
Thanks to Simon and everyone else who linked, who made the videos and who are putting them up on youtube. These are all great! Yea!
Since so many apparently can hear what is being said, perhaps they can make a transcript.
I just watched the LOST panel, which was, by all accounts, spectacular. The point of this comment however, is that its suckish that there isn't a well-recorded HD upload, like Lost has, for Joss.
Are the panels spoilery, especially for those of us who haven't seen Epitaph One?
I can think of one line in that could spoil the general theme of "Epitaph One". Season 2 casting spoilers, and a particular info about 2x01 are also included.
I only went yesterday, Saturday, to CC and of course missed this panel. There's a topic at for CC 2009 and hope you'll all give your impressions over there of what you saw this year. I'd love to read them.
Dichen Lachman seems REALLY shy.

Of course, I'd shit myself if I was the focal point of a big crowd.
Has Eliza ever looked more radiant? Wow.
Thanks so much simon, for me losing sleep two nights in a row, because I couldn't stop watching. ;)

And embers a million thanks for sneaking that in. ;_0
David Tennent is adorable out of dorky (IMO) Dr. Who character and John Barrowman is simply the most gorgeous human on the planet.
I'm always grateful for these great people that record the panels and still spend time uploading them to youtube, so they can share it with people who weren't able to be there.

I always enjoy to see how Joss is comfortable in public.

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