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July 26 2009

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson urges Whedonites to watch Caprica. Jane Espenson is quoted at the bottom of a BSG-related article, urging Whedon fans to watch Caprica.

Well, speaking for everyone who is me in this thread: I always do! I've watched all the webisodes and everything that is BSG related (and everything that is Jane Espenson related too!).
Caprica (the pilot) is indeed excellent, and provides a lot of insight into the BSG Cylons. Definitely something to watch!
Bah, I hate those eonline links. They almost never work for me. There must be some kind of redirect loop.

Then again: I liked BSG enough (not as much as Joss' stuff, of course!) to follow the show till the end. And with my favourite Buffy writer, except Joss, of course, as show runner, I'll have to watch it.

Please slap me, if I italicize anything else.

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Aye, aye Captain! Will do!! Surprised I haven't already.
You know, I'm starting to wonder if Jane isn't a Cylon. There's no way a human can be as productive as she. The girl must be a machine! :)
Yeah, I joined Twitter just to follow all my geeky celeb favourites, but really it's just making me feel inadequate. They're always working out (Miracle Lawrie, Felicia Day, Julie Benz, Maureen Tancharoen) or writing (Neil Gaiman, Jane Espenson) or - worst of all - doing both (Felicia & Maureen).

I'm starting to figure out why they're sucessful/famous...
And: They find time to twitter! Not to discredit the robot angle, but I go for mutants. Genetically designed in secret government laboratories.

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Jane need not worry about it too much. I have the "urge" to watch Caprica. Can't wait for The Plan either.

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I just watched the movie and looking forward to the series. There are several of the Buffy/Angel writers I try and follow and Jane is at the top of the list.
Speaking of Buffy writers: Comic-Con group photo.
Thanks for that, Sunfire. The rest of the pics are worth checking out too, especially Joss with the Twilight magazine cover. ;)
Udo Schmitz, you could try some proxy site as

Here, the page is already linked,

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