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July 26 2009

(SPOILER) Radio Askew podcast talks to Jed Whedon. A phone interview conducted on the first day of shooting Dollhouse Season 2. They talk about "Epitaph One", the show in general (and it's retooling), Dr. Horrible, Twitter, Comic Con and Jed's music. The only spoilers are about the setting and casting of "Epitaph One".

You can also hear the first half of "Remains", J-Mo's song in "Epitaph One", in there. Jed also announces a solo-record "with friends" sometime in the coming months.

Favorite quote about "Epitaph One":

You could never show all those things in a season, it would be crazy... but a single episode? Sure!

I looked at the logo and I thought, Wow, that looks like Kevin Smith. D'oh!
Jed is awesome. That is all. :)

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