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July 26 2009

Olivia Williams turns 41 today. Surprised this wasn't posted yet. Happy Birthday Olivia!

ETA: posted where it was still July 26th!

I felt obligated to post this once learning we share the same birthday. =P

Happy Birthday, Olivia! You are pretty much my favorite!

And Happy Birthday to you, too Rhodey! Hope you had a nice day!
Happy Birthday! :)

Adelle is my fave character (possibly tied with Echo) in Dollhouse! You're a terrific actor.
Please remember to post a relevant link when doing a birthday thread.
Happy Birthday Olivia!
Have a great day :D
She defenitly lifted Dollhouse and did a good acting job. And 41!? She looks a lot younger to me :) Happy Birthday!
Hmm. Happy slightly late birthday!! \o/
Yeah she definitely doesnt look 41! Amazing. Happy Birthday!
This is a typo. She turned 26.
I would watch Dollhouse just to hear you talk--happy birthday!
Happy (belated) birthday Ms Olivia Williams and loads more (and if you were in LA for it I hope you found somewhere that serves Adnams, or at least a close equivalent. Ambrosia maybe ;).

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