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October 01 2003

Aly signs for 2 eps of That 70's Show! Link is to the thread in the Kitten Board

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This seems like a step backwards for her, but maybe it's from the mindset that many folks working in entertainment share as well.
'That 70's Show' probably has ratings double or triple to those of Buffy. There's a lot of crossover with the 'American Pie' audience, but it will give Aly a chance to prove her comedic skills go beyond, "This one time, at band camp..." A great step towards getting a sitcom of her own. Go Aly!
Oomph! I've only seen a few minutes of a few episodes of That 70s Show at a time, but it makes me reach for the remote and change the channel every time. I don't know if I could manage to spend an entire half hour watching that thing, even if Hannigan's on.

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