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July 26 2009

Dollhouse, David Boreanaz & Seth Green in New FOX Shoot Photos. New Photos have surfaced for the FOX So Fresh 2009/2010 season. Featured are the stars of Dollhouse (except for Harry & Olivia), David Boreanaz & even Seth Green.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Dollhouse pushed back to Sep 25th? Or was it pushed forward again, cause it says it premieres on the 18th.

I also thought Human Target was a midseason replacement. But these photos are amazingly beautiful.
I think it's still the 25th. Considering on Enver's picture, it gives Lubov as his role, I wouldn't gleam solid information from this type of advertisement.

On a very shallow note, Enver is sex on legs. I may need a bunk right now.
Yes I was wondering the same thing too.
Maybe she was busy at Comic Con.
The leads of 24 and Fringe weren't there either (Anna Torv, Kiefer, Joshua Jackson). Maybe the bigger stars get separate shoots or something?
Well, Hugh Laurie wasn't there either. I think it's just a selection of shots and the complete set will come out later on. I read on Eliza's twitter that she had done a DH photoshoot.
bonzob, Fringe leads were there.
Didn't know much about Human Target, but Mark Valley/"Keen Eddie" ? Awesome.

Lotta new faces on 24 next year, by the looks of it (I wonder how many will still be alive by mid-season though).
hmmm ... it's asking me to log in???
Yeah, the link doesn't seems to work anymore. It asks for a username and password. I can go to the main foxflash site, but there doesn't seem to be any link to the So Fresh photos. Maybe they weren't meant to go live yet?
Me too. Link gone bad.
I suspect they're about to push the 09/10 fall content out to the public side of the site all at once, and someone messed up and posted a bit of it too soon. I can find all the fall 2008 content and some Comic-Con stuff but nothing new. And yeah the main URL is password protected now.
I have them on my site which you can view

David & Tamara


Anna Torv is featured I noticed her picture there

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