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July 26 2009

Tony Head voted 8th most loved UK voice. Something nice to see over your morning cup of tea, anyway.

And well deserved too.
Born and raised in the UK and never heard of most of those...
He has indeed a great voice. Some tough competition though. But I havnt heard Penelope, so now Im curious.
She was in The Good Life and To The Manor Born, two great British 70s sitcoms. Wonderful actress.
That list conjures up the 70s for me.
My list of great British voices would include James Mason and Edward Fox.
Nice. I recognize three names, which I suppose isn't too bad for an American. I might recognize more if I saw them, I watched an awful lot of PBS in my youth. They mainly showed Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances, but they occasionally got something "new." And by new I mean new to me, not from the current or past decade.
Tony does have a wonderful voice.
I knew half of them. And I agree re: James Mason and Edward Fox. Good company for ASH.
Wow, Rula Lenska's name appears on a list and she doesn't have to tell people who she is. (That's a jocular reference to a commercial she did in the late 70s.)

Glad Tony did so well.

Excuse me, aren't you James Mason in later life?" a fan actually said that to him once.
Fine voices all.

Rula Lenska did a hair care ad when I was a kid. Nobody I knew had any idea who she was. I did eventually see her in something else, though.

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