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"Oh, BALLS."
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July 27 2009

Joss Whedon's Amazon intro for the Dollhouse DVD. His English accent has to be heard to be believed.

The five millionth reason why I love that man...
Oh boy, seeing that scene from "The Target" brings up memories. It was one of many awesome wtf-moments to come. Can't wait for my first complete Season 1 rewatch in a few days.
Its funny how your coworkers look kind of puzzled on you when you sit giggling by your self by the computor.

Hilarious guy, that Joss fellow. And I cant wait for the first season to arrive in about... a month!!! >:(
I suppose, considering where he went to school, that it makes sense that his English accent is pretty good - and posh. And he knows it too, of course. Hilarious. There's a reason I love that man!
Priceless! :)
Prince Charles and George Sanders love child?
So, while "Echo" ended like "Omega", they also went further with Echo's self-awareness in Season 1 then originally planned. Interesting.
Why, it's James Mason!
It's Eddie Izzard's James Mason, no less!

I hope we get an entire commentary track in that accent.
This means he's evil, right?
Oh, we've always known he's evil.
Wearing my Whe-hat, I'm letting everyone know that there will discussion threads for Echo and Epitaph One going up tomorrow.
Thanks, Simon!

My previous Amazon orders have arrived on time, so I'm praying this one will as well.

Must have DVD extras! Now!
Adding my thanks, Simon. I just checked the tracking, and it looks as though my DVD will arrive tomorrow on schedule. I'm so looking forward to seeing and discussing Echo and Epitaph One.
I think he was channelling a little bit of Roger Moore there. Won't say what bit of course ;)

Can't wait to get my hands on shiny DVD and extras!
My friend in San Diego mailed me my Comic-Con Limited Edition DVD, which arrived today! It's very pretty.
Speaking of which, has anyone found a writeup of the Joss-letter in the Limited Edition?
I am in the process of checking out of my hotel and my copy is buried deeply in with my CC booty, but from memory, it had the usual LOL's and pathos. I'm pretty sure it mentioned that Dollhouse is a story about trying to find your identity, and how Eliza is very talented. I'm sure it also mentions that the process was not smooth but he is happy with the end result. But I could be wrong- it's been a crazy few days- I will be back in LA in a few hours so I'll check then if no one else has replied in the meantime!
thats a better english accent than me.. and im actually english!
Joss is hilarious, I wish I could post that at my lj (Amazon is so selfish to make that impossible to embed).

In other news: someone posted the line to get into Dr. Horrible at SDCC and I thought everyone who attended would like to find themselves in line.
I must protest and vehemently disagree, for once again the Joss has proven, brilliantly and remarkably so, nay I dare quibble and claim inexplicably so, that he, his godsend, his worshipfulness in all things good and pure, is even more British than the British themselves may realize. God save the Queen, for she is forever indebted to the Joss, who has popularized her country to the great, unwashed masses across the pond!

And buy those DVDs! We must keep the Joss employed! :)
As evil James Mason comedy accents go that's spot on. I wouldn't go on any day trips to Mount Rushmore with him, that's fer sure.

And I love that Eliza's take is so staunchly pro-Echo/soul and the writers' is apparently slightly more ambiguous, that tension has to add to the show (like with Deckard where Harrison Ford played him as human whereas Ridley Scott intended him to be a replicant).
Brilliant intro!
Would it be bad form to write up the DVD letter on here? Comic-Con exclusive and all, I guess...
Jobo, the Buffy and Angel letters have been written up so I don't think it would be bad form
Well, I'll take this down immediately if a mod thinks it's inappropriate or whatever. Or they can delete it themselves, either way. Here, the letter:

People often joke about wanting to be able to tour my brain. Oddly enough, I don't hear that as much anymore. Because this show is part of the tour - maybe the part that's roped off, that you slip into when the docent is pointing to something else ("And on your left, the Beloved-Character-Killing-Room"). The part that no one wants to talk about.

I am a monster.

I am also a terrified young girl making her way through the dark, trying to find an answer, an exit, an identity. I'm a capricious and self-satisfied programmer, a ruthless and terribly vulnerable boss, and a scarred, lonely healer who cannot come out of the dark.

And this show is all about the dark; I was out of superhero land and into a world of the helpless and the corrupt. It kept me up nights, thinking of the tightrope I was going to start walking. But in the end it drew me in, almost the way it draws the noble FBI agent who just wants to help a woman free herself - 'cause I'm him too. We all live in the Dollhouse. We all play there. We're all abusers, victims, kind, callous... cobbling our own narratives about who we are and what we want. We are programmed. We are programmers. With all my heart I believe this, and with the most extraordinary star, staff and cast imaginable I have begun to speak of it. Watch, and you'll see what a dim view I take of humanity. And how hard I love it.

Welcome to the Dollhouse.

Joss Whedon [and then his signature]

Geez, do you know how hard that is to do with spy paper?

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Now we just need the number and we all have a limited edition. I bagsy 92.

We all live in the Dollhouse. We all play there. We're all abusers, victims, kind, callous... cobbling our own narratives about who we are and what we want. We are programmed. We are programmers.

Right on, big man.

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