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July 27 2009

Megamegamegabot! A trailer for Fran Kranz's upcoming web series "Megabot". It is oddly awesome.

Heh, more making fun of Voltron and Power Rangers from Whedon actors (though this feels more like it's spoofing Power Rangers--whereas Seth Green skewered Voltron).

Reminds me how strange it is that it seemed to escape the casting agents of the original American version of Power Rangers that it was an odd choice to make the yellow ranger an Asian girl and the black ranger a black dude (the pink ranger being a girl was predictable). They were either a little bit racist or just that dense.
Not to mention the red Ranger coming from "red-neck" background.

OMG. Just re-watched and noticed the *locations* of each person... in particular Pink and Black. Look at where they are put on the giant robot and you'll go o.O!

Curious to see what's behind them (the glowy circle things). I know Blue & Yellow are fists, but the rest aren't. Not sure what the symbols are though.

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