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July 27 2009

Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber to guest star on Dollhouse season premiere. Bamber himself, via his personal publicist, seems to have confirmed this Comic-Con rumor. ETA: Michael Ausiello confirms (with mild spoilers).


Oooooh. I'd love that to be true. I wonder if he'll be American or English.

Now, if only we could get Katee Sackhoff... :)
Completely awesome if true.
If this is true, I may actually pass out from happiness. Yeah, I'll be in my bunk.
Did anyone else know about these rumours? I feel of epic fail cause I didn't see it mentioned in people's accounts *glares*.
Yeah, never heard of these rumors before now, but at least now its confirmed... basically. I echo curlymynci's thoughts as to whether he'll be English or American. Either way, this is awesome news.
@Simon & Jayme - I think the only folks who were aware of these rumors were BSG/Bamber fans...So... ;-)

And yeah, basically, Katee Sackhoff and Nathan Fillion need to co-guest star on DOLLHOUSE. In the same episode. Pipe dreams are fun.
Katee Sackhoff and Nathan Fillion need to co-guest star on DOLLHOUSE.

That would make up for White Noise 2.
This should bring in at least SOME new viewers!
I heard during ComicCon that Jamie Barber (someone whose been in a few episodes of The OC) was going to be in it but I presumed/hoped it would be Bamber. Would be cool if true.

Hmm if he's English maybe he can be connected to Adelle. Dunno why but I'd quite like to see them together.
Ausiello confirms (with slight spoiler).
Hmm, another FBI agent maybe, we're now one short after all (in which case presumably he'd be playing American) ? Or maybe we start to find out how expansive the dollhouse universe really is and he could be from Interpol or MI5/6 or even Special Branch (in which case an English accent would obviously be fine). Or yep, related (or "related") to Adelle.
"That would make up for White Noise 2."

LOL... and hey if we can have Penikett+Dushku+Bamber, why can't we get a bit mo'bettah Sackhoff+Fillion?

It's the little things...
Haha... It's a party for all of Joss' faves... Any bets on how long before we'll get a Veronica Mars alumni or two on the show?
I am slightly in love with Jamie so this is great news!
Yay! Usually I hate casting news but I can't help giddy joy at the prospect of Jamie, Alexis & (possibly) Summer next season.
Heh. Genre work is like Hotel California... You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave... because good offers of cool parts keep rolling around, not for any sinister reason, though. :-)
Very awesome news. :)
Hooray, more BSG folks in Dollhouse! Now we just need Mr. Olmos...
For a second I read "Bamber himself" to mean that he'd be playing himself in the episode. I was mightily confused.

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