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July 27 2009

Michael Ausiello talks to Felicia Day. They talk about The Guild, Dr. Horrible, and her role in Dollhouse.

Ouch, Felicia sounds like she totally lost her voice at Comic-Con. Good interview, though.
Yep, Felicia was very busy this CC with promotions, panels, & signings. By Saturday (when this was taken- can tell by clothes), she was coming down with some "convention cold".

Great interview. She's a hoot.
I'm kind of surprised that no one seems to remember that Felicia Day was on Buffy.
I've been trying to forget. Just kidding... sort of.

I liked the empowered Vi in Chosen. But before that, the only thing she had going for her before that was that she wasn't quite as annoying as some of the other potentials.
No voice! Tres cute! On her way! Love it!
I'm sad that the music video is going to be exclusive to the xbox for a week. A whole week? :( Oh well, it sounds awesome anyway.

Her exposure on Joss stuff helped her build an audience, but it's not really fair to act like The Guild didn't exist before Dr. Horrible. Has he even watched the show? She deserves more credit than that.
She is just so sweet.
I must be the only one who always liked the potentials as characters (yes, even Rona and Kennedy at their most annoying times). I just hated that they took away screen time from Willow, Anya and Xander.

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