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July 27 2009

(SPOILER) Joss and Eliza talk Dollhouse Season 2. An E! Online-post containing a video interview with our two Dollhouse-masterminds talking (spoiler-free) about Season 2. The text under the vid, however, spoils a bit what role Jamie Bamber gets to play in "Vows" and what circumstances that happens in.

I just can't believe how stunning Eliza looked at Comic-Con. Wazaah!
No Epitaph II this year? That's it! Joss and me are through professionally!
zz9, I think that Joss was saying that they wouldn't (intentionally) create another episode solely for DVD this season, not necessarily that they wouldn't be continuing the storyline of E1.

Also, what was up with that final question? Did the E! guy not realize that he was condemning himself with all his talk of cameras and fanboys? I'm glad Joss and Eliza knew how to defuse that question.
Hmmm, not working for me... I'll try again later.

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I understand what the E! guy was trying to pull off, but that Q definitely didn't work. He could have said something more like "with the massive amount of fans present at a junction like this, do you find it difficult to wonder freely without being attacked?" (there's a reason why I'm not a journalist)

Eh. I too, zz9, was bummed at first with the news. But maybe E2 (and E3 - Einfinity) will be how he ends each season (which would be awesome). The only difference being, we'd all watch it on TV instead of CC.

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I was joking about E2. And channelling Christian Bale.

But even if they don't do another flash forward episode it will be fun watching the show and seeing clues to how they will get to E1.

Can you imaging seeing Chosen at the end of Buffy season one? (Or maybe S2 so we'd know who Spike was)
I am dying for that E1 thread to go up. I have so many thoughts about it.
"Video temporarily unavailable" for me too. (((Jamie Bamber))) Yay!!!

So - scroll down and click on "Joss Whedon is a ComicCon God" for a really good interview - new (to me) and spoiler free (unless you've somehow managed to pick up nothing about Epitath1).

Will go back later and see of the vid's available again.

(((Jamis Bamber))) Yes!! Icing on the Alexis and maybe Summer cake. I kinda love all the Jossverse/BSG/Caprica crossovers. Ron Moore is the only genre creator whose name should even be uttered in the same breath as Joss', IMO. So all the personnel crossover stuff is just made of awesome.

Especially sweet that Joss and RMD apparently have a mutual admiration thing going.
Dollhouse season2 in September, Caprica in (Jan.?) Feb .... life is good in genreland. ;)

EF: typos

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