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July 27 2009

'Revelations' - un fan film de Buffy contre les vampires. A bunch of French fans get together to do a 40 minute Buffy episode. It's actually quite endearing with strong production values (there are English subtitles).

The French version of the website can be found ici. Kudos to everyone involved.

Well, it has something in common with the real Buffy--just minutes into it, I bought a featured song (if that's Rufus Wainwright singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah.")
That was SUPER bizarre. The actresses who played Buffy and Willow had a certain essence that made them strikingly real for me. The Buffy actress looked a lot like Sarah plus one foot. Also, the vampire make up was very well done, and the girl who played Cordelia was hysterical. The strangest thing in this, however, is that SPOILERS...Giles is randomly a transvestite who wears anime wigs...except Giles is played by a young woman with a bad mustache...
Yes that threw me as well but it added to the fun. I love stuff like this, I thinks fan productions are a great part of the fandom.
I enjoyed it too. I just sat with my mouth open. It felt like Restless...on acid.
Too close for comfort.

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