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July 27 2009

Sean Maher cast in new film. Sean Maher has been cast in Timing, a romantic comedy with a twist. Maher will play Connor, the love interest of Jesse, a gay man whose romantic life is uprooted when his estranged son returns home in the middle of Jesse and Connorís marriage proposal.

According to this article, filming will start in Charlotte at the end of the summer.

My word! That sounds...convoluted.

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"... not that there's anything wrong with that."
So strange to have a rom com with a complication that a real person could actually face. Shouldn't one of them stalk the other across the country after hearing his voice once on the radio? Threaten to put him out of business? Turn out to be half-fish?
Pointy, you totally just ruined the end of the movie. But I, for one, cannot wait to see Sean as a merman!

I don't think the setup is that complex, and it sounds like an interesting project. I'm looking forward to see Sean in a more substantial role. Of course, we're probably not going to be able to see that movie until, like, 2020, but still.

[ edited by joey_breizh on 2009-07-28 03:25 ]
Just saw him 2 weeks ago in the premiere of Drop Dead Diva. He was great as usual.
madmolly, I saw him on Drop Dead Diva too! It was a nice surprise to see him on my TV again.
I'll give it a rent or check it out if it shows up at a Toronto film fest maybe. Won't pass up the chance to see Sean Maher kissing a dude.
Wonderful to hear! I was just thinking the other day that Sean needs to grace our screens more often.
I'm just glad Joss finally let him out of the basement.
With Colin Ferguson as Jesse - I'll be in my bunk!

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