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July 27 2009

Melbourne, Australia CSTS Screening - Sunday 30th of August. Venue, Time and Cost are still TBA though.

Showing Dr. Horrible too! Whoo-hoo!
I was wondering if this was going to be happening. I'm so in!
Not sure why Melbourne gets its own post... but anyways. Launceston just finished theirs, and Adelaide's will be on the 11th of September at UoA's Union Cinema.
Well, I live in Melbourne, and it was the only date I've been paying attention to. I figured I may as well put it up, and I didn't know exactly when there'd been any other announcements.
"Not sure why Melbourne gets its own post..."

I'll go ahead and delete all references to Aussie CSTS events in future, no worry ;). Yes, joking - if someone not affiliated with the event posts it... then it may well stay up as long as we don't get buried in them at any one time.
Not sure why Melbourne gets its own post...

I just assumed it was because Melbourne's better than all other Australian cities in every way.
I guess that's an advantage to having your event later, more chance of a Whedonesque post :D. It was my impression that posts for individual city's wasn't particularly welcome, but what they hey. It's my website they're all a coming to, so I can't really complain. And considering I posted both the Adelaide and Melbourne info on the same day....Almost had a heart attack when i saw today's hit numbers. It's like being slash dotted (but in much smaller numbers). I'm sure Jen will appreciate the coverage.

Yes in every way, totally and absolutely. I'd totally agree with that :D

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Yeah, you did kinda hit on it there - if one is separated by a length of time from other events, then they have a better chance of getting and keeping a separate post.
Can we change it to say Adelaide too though? I feel left out. May as well combine and change the link to
It's named after a woman too so in many ways Adelaide (though plainly, even from 12,000 miles away, not as good as Melbourne) is the strong female character of Australia. Not including it is like kicking Joss in the nuts.
Thanks Saje. We have been there since B!x first had his brainwave, and this year has been a last minute effort, as I wasnt supposed to be organising an event this year due to it being almost thesis due date time, but when my successor pulled out, I just had to step back in. Our event is only Affiliate though, it was all I could fit in once my 15 hour days are over.

And even though it's, ya know, in victoria, and technically in arch enemy land, I do love Melbourne. Theatre district of Oz! Plus the public transport system is so much better than ours (if pricier), the shopping is better, and the nightlife.. well Melbourne actually has a nightlife lol.

I believe more details should be forthcoming early - mid next week RE Melbourne's location and awesome schedule of events.

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Our public transport system is... better than yours?

My God. I'm... I'm so sorry. I thought Melbourne's public transport system was the worst in the free world.

And it's fine to change the title - like I said, I've only been following the Melbourne screening and I didn't know about any other announcements, so as soon as I went on the site and saw that a date had finally been announced, I thought it should go here ASAP. Oh well. Looking forward to the screening anyway.

P.S. Exactly how will Dr. Horrible be screened? I assume that decent quality would be needed for a cinematic screening, but the best I've heard of is the 720p version online. Is there a higher-quality version that I don't know about?
I believe for legality issues, it has to be screened from the DVD but only Jen knows the specifics for Melbourne's event. Which reminds me, I should order another one for a raffle prize. Thank Goodness for region free.
The Melbourne event is a go!

Sunday 30 August at Federation Hall at the Victorian College of the Arts (St Kilda Rd, Melbourne). We'll be screening Serenity and Dr Horrible on DVD, as well as some very shiny extra special stuff not ever seen before in Melbourne!

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to win some extremely awesome prizes in our raffle, live auction and costume competition. Prizes include items signed by Joss Whedon, Tim Minear, Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Jonathan Woodward, Nectar Rose, Michael Fairman, Sonny Rhodes, Geoff Mandel, Dichen Lachman and more! We'll also have a range of merchandise available for sale, including Kaylee Maquettes!

Tix will be $15 pre-sale (on sale soon) and $20 at the door.

Follow @melbbrowncoats on Twitter for updates, or visit our event thread at the CSTS Forum.

In other Melbourne Browncoats news, we'll soon be launching our new website! This will feature news and events for Browncoats in Victoria, including our upcoming Browncoat Booths at conventions.

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The new website for Melbourne Browncoats is

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