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July 27 2009

Dollhouse Season 1 DVD release Tuesday. Don't forget to pick up the Dollhouse DVD...even if you got one at need a loaner copy don't you? Christmas presents?

Got my message from Amazon today that it is on it's way in glorious Blu-ray!!! Can't wait!!
I watched the unaired pilot last night, and started the MotS commentary tonight. I love you, Comic-Con.
I got my copy today imported from the U.S. $79.95 Australian

I haven't actually started watching it yet but will tonight but you can see the scans here of the front & back covers

I'll be adding more scans & the menu screencaps tomorrow

Has anybody found it weird that the carboard insert a bit silly???
I will be picking up the Blu-Ray today. Can't wait!
I opted to go the inexpensive route via super saver shipping. Here's hoping it arrives promptly even though I'm cheap!
I'm cheap too CrazyKidBen - I also use the super saving shipping (which usually means they wait a week after release to ship it but not this time!!)
Amazon said they have shipped today, but you're right: I NEED to buy extra copies, tomorrow!
Does anyone know when it comes out in Australia? I don't really want to play $80 to get it imported
mortimer - Sometime later in the year I would say there's only 2 more episodes left I believe so it wont be too long

It's now listed on Ezydvd but I'll keep you up to date on the release I work in DVD retail and I know some reps who work in FOX so I'll be asking

Details are below no future release date yet:
Got mine today and watched Epitaph One. Yes, quite good!
I own the blu ray, and three standard sets. All for borrowing to everyone. I am doing my part. Are you?
Got mine Monday! Can't believe how awesome both unaired episodes were!!
And now I have to wait untill it makes its little trip across the Atlantic... *sigh*

I got to say that I loved Epitaph One. It aired here in Sweden this sunday, and boy some interesting stuff there. Both Amy and Felicia in the same episode... thats got to be dangerous in so many ways.
Episode discussions for Echo and Epitaph One will be going up later on today.
Started a rewatch of the season with my mom. "Ghost" and "The Target" are neither better nor worse than they were upon first viewing, which is to say, they're decent.

Not entirely looking forward to revisiting "Stage Fright"...

I just wanna hit "Man on the Street," 'cuz from there, it's smooth sailing.
I can't gift dollhouse due to those first 4 eps or so.
FruitPunchMouth27 - Yeah I am. But I'm not buying the BluRay one from the U.S. too much and I don't have a player for it. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that my friend who went to Comic-Con over the weekend got the Special Edition one I asked for him to get. And as soon as it comes out in Australia definitely buying it again
Since I am in Europe, my DVD will take some weeks to get here. Ugh, I hope Amazon gets it here faster! :(
Since I am in Europe, my DVD will take some weeks to get here. Ugh, I hope Amazon gets it here faster! :(

Amazon told me September 1. Austria. Yeah.
It's at no. 9 in the Amazon's DVD chart, is that the highest it's ever been?
Very possible. I think it had it's peak at #2 in Boxed Sets during the Twitter DVD push, but I don't remember the peak in Movies & TV. Does b!X have some logs on that matter?
Amazon told me September 1. Austria. Yeah.

I took "express delivery" or whatever it was called, so Amazon says "August 7 to August 19" to me.
If all goes to plan I should have my copy on Monday! \o/

It's a bit too pricey for me to buy a second copy, but maybe in the future. XD

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Random, but not really OT: I was laying in bed listening to the radio this morning, and Chuck The Movie Guy came on to talk about DVD releases, and usually he talks about movies, but today he gets on, and literally screamed *Dollhouse Season 1 is out today, it's by far my favorite show on TV, I already got one from Comic con, so mine is better than yours...* then he started rambling about it.

Thought that was kinda cool.
I'm really short on cash but I have an itunes gift card, does anyone know when E1 will be up on itunes? Also is it just E1 or is the unaired pilot going to be up there too?
There's now episode discussion threads up for the two unaired episodes. I think Epitaph One will on iTunes around the 11th of August, not sure about the original pilot.
Mine's shipped too though says "Expected delivery: August 10th - heat-death-of-the-universe" (OK, it may just feel like that) so I can see my resolve re: "Epitaph One" weakening.
Just an FYI. Netflix has it as a "short wait." I don't know whether that is because they haven't gotten their order yet, or a lot of people have it in their queue.
So... that's the disadvantage of getting the cheap blu-ray from

It hasn't even shipped yet. :-( Delivery estimate: Aug 7 2009 - Aug 19 2009

This is gonna be a long few weeks...
Mine shipped today as well. Amazon is trying to scare me with an expected delivery date of September 9. I'm sure it will arrive much sooner. Usually my Amazon orders arrive after one to three weeks.

At least that gives me enough time to get through the Neil Young Archives Blu-ray box I got today.
Any pics of the packaging? (BD and DVD)
I'd like to see this and the Comic-Con special one.
I bought mine IRL, just today. There were only two on the rack when I got there late this afternoon. Is that a good sign? or a sign that they only put out a few on the day of release for us fanatics and won't restock?
No one's reported finding any Easter eggs yet?
What's up with the crappy wannabe slip cover?
xander fan,

I'm going to take that wannabe slip cover and put it up at much better for that purpose than a 3-D slip will be flat on the cubie wall or cabinet...see they knew we would want to use that as a poster or advertisement.
Can there really be no Easter eggs? I've not found any yet, but I'm usually bad at it.

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