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July 27 2009

Another Eliza and Joss interview from Comic-Con, this time courtesy of EW. Michael Ausiello does the honors.

Honestly, I can't see just at the minute whether this was previously posted or added to one of the numerous CC threads here-four days of the Con is a touch draining. Perhaps someone who is actually keeping up will know.
I'm pretty sure this is new.

Great interview, by the way. I hope they have a good plan B because it would be pretty lame if they just abandoned stuff from Epitaph One without a good explanation
Not a bad interview actually. I normally don't like Michael Ausiello - both Lost and True Blood interviews all he talked about were love triangles. Inane much? Maybe this interview is quite good because he doesnt' care much about Dollhouse and asked fans via twitter to give him some questions.
ot, but the Lucy Lawless interview on the same page is very funny.
I insanely loved the question to Eliza about what other Buffy alum's she'd like to see, and Joss's reaction to it. Pure gold. I too, would love to see Julie Benz.
Lost of videos in the EW ComicCon Hub.

- Joss and Eliza for Dollhouse
- Felicia for The Guild.
- Morena for V and also Jeffrey Bell for V.
- Lucy Lawless for Spartacus, which is Steven DeKnight's new show.

There's also the videos from the Wonder Women panel that Eliza participated.

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