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July 28 2009

Joss appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon tries to sell his "The Recharger" character to Joss, and other geek-gods like Stan Lee, Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and Geoff Johns amongst others. All at this year's Comic Con.

He appears about 2 mins 30 from the end.

Hilarious. Seriously awesome, not only Joss' reaction.
While his enthusiasm sort of annoyed me when he would accidentally break character in sketches and how during this hosting gig he tended to chuckle at jokes (his own and others') a bit much, I do admire how geeky he gets sometimes!

I loved Late Night with Conan too and how self-deprecating he got about how own nebbish ways, but Conan-adjacent things like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog sort of go a bit more mean-spirited. This actually seemed a bit more like a friendly celebration about it all. Plus I was sort of surprised to find out what some other comic creators looked like. (I wasn't exceptionally surprised to find out that I liked the Joss and Stan Lee bits the most though.)
Go recharge, Recharger! :)
I'm not a Fallon fan, but this was pretty good, and I thought Joss was funny, in an understated way.
It seemed to me that Joss was just about to pull out the wittiest one-liner the world had ever seen. Then the clip ended.
Okay... That was kind of adorable and I was really happy to see Joss included (he IS the King of Comic Con after all).
I love the aftermath of comic-con. All these great clips come out. This was awesome btw, thanks for the post andy dufresne.

It seems there's a major fog of war that occurs at big comic shows. There's just so much going on and most everything happening at the show is capable of peaking my interest. For example, while you're busy buying an amazing comic on the floor, there's a creator like Jeph Loeb walking by and overhead you hear a page for Alex Ross to report to the main lobby and Andy Owens is busy drawing me a sketch and there goes Robert Kirkman...

So many things I love in one place...It's just too much fun.

I wonder how many video crews were at the show this year. I'll bet there were over 20 short subject films and 200 creator-centric interviews/movies shot at the show this year. There had to be at least that many last year.

And is it just my failing memory or wasn't there an entry into the ELOE for The Recharger?
What was written on Joss' shirt?
It looked like it used the Iron Maiden font.
I thought it said Ingmar Bergman.
That's pretty funny, thanks.

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