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July 28 2009

Pajiba reviews The Guild (and Felicia Day) rather favorably (nsfw). The movie/TV/book/pop-culture review site Pajiba has discovered The Guild, and in an effort to expand their geek horizons, devour it in one sitting and write a review for the "unwashed masses".

Hey, you need to put a NSFW tag on this because the ads are definitely NSFW.
The Guild is awesome. Felicia is awesome. Nothing new here.

Still pushing for a tiny pic of Ms. Day at the top of the big black. Right between Tony and Melaka seems like a darn good spot.
Sorry about that, Dana. I didn't even notice the ads! Though now that I have, it kinda bugs me.
Funny screenshots of Felicia Day's WoW-Avatar: Dwarf Priest with cellulite.

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