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July 28 2009

Summer Glau shooting comedy pilot, Good Morning Rabbit. Here's what Summer's up to these days.

From the description:

Side-splittingly funny! Hilariously surreal! GOOD MORNING RABBIT follows the weekly adventures of two platonic friends, BOXER and MIRA, in their efforts to celebrate every one of our great nation’s real holidays – from the most obscure (National Sorry Charlie Day, Flitch Day) to the more well-known (Groundhog Day, Wednesday). Each episode features a new holiday that leads our endearing heroes down the strangest of rabbit holes – nothing is off-limits in their world.

I like the idea of celebrating Wednesday. I think I may just do that tomorrow.
Well, I'll watch the first episode for Summer. But she deserves better (main star, awesome show). Of course I think she deserves to be the most successful actress in Hollywood or anywhere else, so I'm biased. Also I'm not really a fan of TV live action comedies (besides HIMYM). Still I hope she does well, but I really hope she still is able to guest star in Dollhouse.
Half the cast seems to be from The Sarah Connor Chronicles, coincidence? I'll be watching just for Summer and Leven, hope the show's decent too.
ChromeShark, no coincidence. Hadley worked on SCC.
Wait, that wouldn't be a white rabbit, would it?

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