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July 28 2009

Looking for Your Favorite Whedonverse Celeb? Find their Twitter Info Here! Whedonverse has a nicely laid out page that displays all the Whedon-relevant twitter contact information.

They are cleverly grouped by show with a nod to some of the extra Whedon-related people.

That's really nicely done and well organized. What's "Twitter?"
Thanks for linking, AM! (even though I'm commenting in the PM. lame joke).

Peanut, is a status updating-only social network. Celebs enjoy it because there are no messages to keep up with or intricate designs or "About Me's." More info at the link:
Seriously, Peanut Noir (meant in a genuinely puzzled tone)? It's a social networking site that allows you to share links/thoughts/news with those that "follow" you. It's how we've been receiving some of our more recent news (Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse, comics).

I recommend you try it out. It's free, and once you click to one of us, you can get an idea of how it works, and continue on from there.

This site, BTW, is fantabulous! Very organized and easy to follow. *gives away a Hershey's kiss to Whedonverse*
@korkster Thanks for the site kudos. :D
It would help, though, if the listing included links to where each was verified to be real. Then again, I'm not sure we even know where all those verifications originally were anymore.
@bix I've done my best to only include those who have been verified by a few others. One follower has been begging me to verify a Michelle T twitter account, but I have no way of doing so and refuse to post it until someone steps forward and verifies her.
I don't use Twitter but that's very nicely done.
Yeah that is really well put together. I don't use Twitter either but I had a good look at Alyson and Eliza's after that.
You don't have to be a member of twitter to read/see someone's twitter page.


I think celebs also like it because the maximum number of characters you can post at a time is 160. So you don't have be funny for a whole long blog. Just short bits. And also it gives them a counter of their followers.
@Anonymous1 Very true.
The maximum twitter character count is 140. The 160 max is for standard text messages.
If anybody needs another twitter account to follow: Richard Castle's twitter

E-online verification

Kelia in Michigan: I miss Castle so much! It was wonderful last year. When can I see Nathan Fillion on my TV again!?
Castle will return for season two on Sept. 21 to ABC! But in the meantime, a little birdie just told us that Richard Castle is now tweeting in character @writeRCastle, and if you follow along you'll be tweeted treated to an original Twitter mystery from the show's creators. Enjoy!

Also Nathan has now mentioned Richard Castle. No idea yet who involved with ABC or the show it tweeting it.

There is a problem right now with his followers count. It showed 300 yesterday now it is 0 but the following feature still works because I'm following Richard Castle and Nathan and their updates show up on my home twitter page.

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Whoops, don't know where I got the 160.
Random (yet related) pondering: Joss mentioned during the commentary for "Ghost" that he had just tweeted for the first time. Maybe it was from the drhorrible account?
@CrazyKidBen It was from the drhorrible account. Joss doesn't have his own twitter. If that wasn't such a long time ago I'd go find the tweet for you. I remember it. On usual days, the drhorrible account is ran by Jed Whedon.
Ok, but I still don't get the point. They just seem to be completely random "I fixed an amazing breakfast this morning" / "Tony fixed this wonderful breakfast this morning", "Off to watch Sarah work with a spooky horse" / "Had to work with a spooky horse in a windstorm" posts, which...yeah, ok, nice to know Sarah appreciates it when Tony makes breakfast, we really need to know this stuff?

Of course, I don't get the point of LiveJournal or Facebook, or any of those other "networking" sites. I go here & I go to the Bronze. One's a posting community and one's a...well, I'm not quite sure what to call this place. Information supplier, I guess. I really don't need to know what Felicia Day's wearing, or that Adam called Amber a booby. I want to know when the second season of "Manchild" will finally be released to DVD in the US, or if Amber's going to ever have an album of her own.
@ShadowQuest To each his own. Some fans like to feel more connected to the stars, others dont. :)
I did it first, back before Whedonverse Twitter lists were the cool new thing *grumble mutter moan*.

On a serious note, though, that's extremely well done and much better than mine. Nice one *thumbs up*
Very nice list. All the twitter you can handle and need :)
Ok, but I still don't get the point.

For the celeb it's great, it meants that they have an audience that hangs on their every word. It's a great ego boost.

For joe bloggs it's great as it brings hope to their meaningless lives as there is a faint possibility that the celeb could read what they write.

So everybody wins.

But aside from the incestuous fan/celeb relationship, Twitter is an amazingly good real-time search engine and let's people know what is being talked about at that very moment. Which can be a very powerful tool for good if used properly.
It's like a more awesome RSS feed. I have an account, but don't really use it. This whedonverse site, however, is fantastic. Favourited!
As Simon says, it's great for real-time indexing of what folks are talking about and as a means of disseminating news quickly in short bursts. Was a lot of fun to do live from Con this year and get immediate feedback from folks following.
Twitter really comes into its own when there's a con or an event. Instant feedback and info while you wait for longer reports to come in.

Personally I use it for inconsequential chit chat.

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Now I'm following 19 people, almost all from whedonverse. I'm felling like a stalker!

iS the a Joss fake?
Great list. I didn't look through all of them, but Tim Minear is apparently hiding his tweets -- and is only following two other people. Though, his (somewhat sad) Twitter name made me giggle.
Josh Whedon is a Joss fake. Joss confirmed that at Paleyfest this year.. he's only Twittered to the Dr. Horrible account and then it was only once.
Both @joshwhedon and @josswhedon are fakes, yes. (The latter only appeared after some of us pointed out that the former had his name wrong.)
Thanks, BrownCoat_Tabz and b!.

I'll stop to follow that impostor, he didn't deserves to be stalked.
Remind me to sign up for @FakeJossWhedon or @NotJossWhedon just to see how many follow :).
Hey, zeitgeist, sign up for FakeJossWhedon or NotJossWhedon just to see how many follow.
Thanks for the reminder, just did! :)
great list, there were a few people who I didn't follow yet.
I love twitter and it was really this site that got me addicted.
There should be a list of whedonesquers on twitter.
Anybody know if Ben Edlund has an account? I still kick myself every time I think about the fact that I walked around in a picket line circle for two hours at Mutant Enemy Strike Day having absolutely no idea that he was there walking, too.

I have to say that I'm one of those folks who don't understand the concept of following 1-side of a conversation on Twitter... but perhaps I'm being dense and should give it another shot.
Okay, so I read the title of this post as "Looking for ... Caleb" and went "Wait? Who? What? I don't read Whedonesque for two days and they're recasting Caleb? What?" for about two seconds before I realised I'd misread it :D
I don't Twit...Twitter...Tweetie! But, it is interesting to see how many Whedonverse folks that don't twitter.
it is interesting to see how many Whedonverse folks that don't twitter

No more interesting or remarkable than the relative numbers of regular people that don't twitter.
One's a posting community and one's a...well, I'm not quite sure what to call this place.

This is a place where you can meet some of the most intelligent folks on the 'Net, and get reprimanded by, and complain to, some pretty neat moderators. I met SNT and zeitgeist, along with poster friends last Friday after several years and it was, well it meant a lot to me. :=)

Anyway, I've had a request in to Tim Minear on Twitter for some time now to let me follow him, but doubt it will happen. Pish tosh, that's okay, it's just neat knowing he's around.

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Twitter is perfect for the pithy people of the post-industrial period.

Or those of us who can't write for more than 140 characters.

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