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July 29 2009

What imprinting skills would you want? The Dollhouse cast and crew do their best to answer the question in this extra that's on the DVD. And there's another great intro by Joss, just how many had he done by that stage?

It isn't loading for me, but the "A Private Engagement" clip on the DVD was very sweet and sounds a lot like this one.
Haha 'you're ignorant'
Ninja skills are just a $5 dollar upgrade, it seems. Sign me up!
Haha. I liked Joss' intro to this. And it was cool seeing Enver talk as Enver. First chance I had to see that.
Wacky Ninja skills! That's what I'd want. Generic I know but I can't help it.

That's the first time I'd seen Enver talk as Enver as well.
Invisibility ! Wait, how does this work again ?

Not watching the linked vids (cos I want the DVD to have plenty of stuff I haven't seen yet) but i'd probably choose "immunity to imprinting".

Or maybe "the skill of imprinting", then I could sit and ponder which came first, the programmer or the program ?

Or I might have them imprint a few fixed length arrays so that I could practice buffer overflows in my head.

Or I always wanted to be able to raise one eyebrow so maybe that (just one eyebrow I mean, the way I raise one eyebrow at the moment doesn't really count).

And wacky ninja skills, obv.
Or maybe "the skill of imprinting", then I could sit and ponder which came first, the programmer or the program?

I can't tell. It's an interesting question.
Jed Whedon is hot.
And that Dollhouse hoodie they all wear? I want that.
I can't tell. It's an interesting question.

*swaps to slightly more serious hat* Yeah it really is. What was the first "atom" of what we'd call human culture and when did it arise ?

My guess would be communication (not necessarily language, even pointing might do it) from which the whole gloriously messy feedback loop boot-strapped itself - if you have more than one entity then the first time one tells the other where the juiciest mangoes are you have culture IMO. So a long time ago (probably even before we were human, so in that sense the "program" was around before the "programmer").
I'd want Joss Whedon's writing brain
I'm sorry, "Wacky Ninja Skills" makes me think of someone running down the street in a ninja costume, flailing their arms and yelling, "Woo-woo-woo-woo, you can't see me!"
Well it depends on the specific school of wacky ninjitsu you practice. As a traditionalist I prefer "wirble, wirble, wirble, flanooooty !" but yeah, "woo-woo-woo-woo" is gaining a lot of currency among the ninja whipper snappers.
Jed Whedon is hot.

I thought that was a sweet little moment. J: "Be able to play like Jimi Hendrix." Mo: "Done." Aww.
I don't know if I'd want wacky ninja skills, but I'd certainly to be able to kick some ass.
I like Enver's answers about the books.
I think I'd imprint myself with many skills. mostly stuff I could learn but imprinting would be so much easier.
I'm just going to get that Aretha Franklin voice, thank you very much. I won't be needing anything else that is humanly available.
If we broaden the range from the human, though, I'll be shape-shifting. That will include both jungle cat time, and reducing my personal human body mass without annoying diet and exercise changes.

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koyaanisquatsi, to defeat these ninjas you just need to shout Ni many times.
Ah, but what if the ninjas were disguised as some kind of ... shrubbery ?

Did anyone say "Kung-Fu" BTW ?

And as an aside, did any fans not cheer (and pretty much say the words at the same time) when Chuck said "Guys, I know Kung-Fu" ? ;)
Well, I'd start by becoming a much better writer. I'd also like extreme concentration. Then wipe my perfectionism. It doesn't make me better, it just gets in my way. Languages would be awesome.

Also, wacky ninja skills.
Sign me up for a cowboy pirate ninja spaceman package.
Wouldn't those clash though, silent knight? Your pirate and ninja sides arguing which sword to use, just as your cowboy thinks "screw swords, I'm using guns", while all the while your spaceman is trying to figure out how to use all this stuff without ruining his fancy spacesuit?
I've always wanted to be able to throw knives (and hit the target.) That probably comes standard with the ninja package though. Or maybe it's an upgrade? Ninja's usually throw stars though, right? I imagine the physics are somewhat different. I think getting the full ninja package would only be important to me if I that running on air thing was available.

Ooh. Ooh. --And I would LOVE to be able to free run.

Oh, and you know that part of your memory where you can recall things in detail? I think I'm missing that part of my brain. Also the part that understands complex math. Astrophysics would probably be a little more understandable/enjoyable if I could handle more than basic algebra. And my language skills are best not mentioned. Beefing up some of my inadequacies would definitely be on my list.

Too bad there are limits to imprinting. I mean, being able to sing (or at least carry a tune) is one of my fantasies, but I think my vocal cords are just strung wrong.

GVH re: silent knight's post I think Spike Spiegel pulled it off pretty well. ;)
Y'all can discuss the central question, but I'm gonna go ahead and point out the amazingness of that intro.
I love that intro too, it seems like by this point he got a bit burned out by them but this one still had some genuine fact-ish like bits of knowledge to introduce stuff. I mean it seems like at least some people have to be curious about someone who can say "They didn't like it!" in that tone of voice without much bitterness in contrast to a premise that sounds as though it'd be kinda either grim or cheesey.

As for Enver's imprint wish, I also keep wishing that but I keep thinking of Willow from the season six finale.
I'm pretty sure he did all of these introductions in one day. He's wearing the *same outfit* in each of them. No once can forget plaid.

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