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July 29 2009

Spot two of our fave couples on today's IMDB poll. The vote today is on favourite human-vampire couples and guess which two Whedonverse pairings show up... (poll now closed).

I voted that I really didn't like any of those couples, and then was surprised to learn that THAT is the most popular answer!
I haven't gone to vote yet but I don't suppose Lindsey/Darla or Lindsey/Angel is a choice, huh?

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Heh, most IMDB members probably don't like vampire stories all that much, I guess. Plus, there's probably some Twilight-is-so-popular-and-it-sucks-and-I-now-hate-all-vampire-stories anti-cultural type-thing going on there. Maybe.
Glad to see that both Spike/Buffy and Angel/Buffy are beating Edward/Bella.

(Although... the poll apparently allows you to vote multiple times. Facepalm.)
It does? Uh. I dislike polls like that.
You need to login to vote (you may want to put that in the description).
It looks like you can vote multiple times but it doesn't count the subsequent ones.
I picked my Whedony one, but in my heart I wanted to vote for Nick and Natalie.
I haven't ever seen Forever Knight, though I've heard some good things about it. I suppose that means you think it's worth checking out, redeem147?
Because of the split ballot (which implies some gerrymandering on the part of the pollster), I voted for Ozzie and Harriet.
I would have voted for Angel/Spike but I think Buffy should end up with her true love: Parker.
Buffy should end up with Agent Booth's son? That's just creepy.

Yes, I recommend Forever Knight, Lirazel. It's about this vampire detective, tortured about his soul...
No, redeem147, Buffy should be with the cat burglar in 'Leverage'.
I kind of like the notion of Buffy and Nosferatu...

Okay, I'm out of here!
Sorry guys, but had to go with the original private eye/vamp couple - Nick and Natalie.
I actually liked how doomed Angel and Cordy were but they're unfortunately not an option.
Buffy + Parker 4Evah!
BrownCoat_Tabz: I think we should make t-shirts, there is already the romantic fan vid!
What? No love for Bill and Sookie?
Nope, it's Bangel wot won it. Well for those who actually cared enough about the idea.
Speaking of IMDb, Buffy Summers was on the front page all yesterday. Promoting their new Character pages, or something.
Exactly the order I would've picked. Bangel, Bill/ Sookie, Spuffy. Nice.

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