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July 29 2009

Joss and Eliza video interview about "Epitaph One". They talked to MTV during the Comic-Con about why the episode was made and how it fits into the continuity of the show. Can not be viewed in certain countries outside the US.

Cannot be viewed outside the US :(
I'm getting tired of MTV doing this. Fair enough that they do it for their tv shows but for interviews? It just smacks of laziness.
I live in Oz and I could view it?
Clearly MTV hates the UK and loves the Aussies ;). Must be an Ashes thing. Anyhow I qualified the "can not" statement in the entry.
Is more like cannot be viewed in UK, like some previous examples of MTV videos, cause I'm viewing it alright down here.
Don't like Canadians' either :-(
Huh. It likes Iceland just fine. Interesting. XD

Cool vid. lol.
Yep, I'm in the UK and can't see it either.
Makes you wonder why it's being so selective, because it works fine as well here in The Netherlands, and we're f-ing close to the UK.
That is weird. I had no problem viewing it in Germany.

The highlight of the video is this Joss quote: "We suspected we might be...I don't wanna say cancelled so much as chopped into small bits with an axe."
Works from Sweden...
Austria works fine too.

And yeah, that quote, Michael, was my fav too. :)
They probably have some stupid non-compete agreements with affiliate stations in Canada and the UK. Oh well, enjoy the video for those who can see it.
So for the benefit of those of us in Britain or Canada, what did Joss and Eliza say about why the episode was made and how it fits into the continuity of the show?
So hereís my first ever attempt at writing a transcript for all of you in the UK or Canada:

Joss in long sleeve plain black crewneck t-shirt holding MTV News mike in right hand. Eliza stands to his right (our left) in sleeveless white sheer tank with gold sequined over tank. Picture Joss gesturing broadly with his left arm to emphasize points and Eliza mostly standing with her hands behind her back smiling that beautiful smile of hers and looking a lot at Joss and chuckling in the appropriate places while looking terribly intelligent. There are some bits of overlapping dialog.

J: It sort of would give you a hint--

E: --Definitely didnít know if we were going to be back. And um, so--

J: Yeah, it definitely had that agenda, to sort of give you a taste of what might happen.

E: --happy we are.

J: But we also, uh, kept everything open to question... as to what the scenes weíre seeing that take place in the future mean. Itís definitely not an alternate universe. It is our universe. Uh, itís a very different vision of our universe. But uh, it is one that we will be honoring in the second season.

We suspected uh, we might be, I donít want to say canceled... so much as chopped into small bits with an axe. And um, and then so we made this just, also because we were asked by the studio to make another episode and I thought that uh, that the network would air it. And um, instead itís available on DVD. (He looks right into the camera.) Available on DVD. Today. In stores.

E: And itís an exclusive Comic-Con DVD--with limited copies!

J: Thatís right, thatís right. So, we uh--

MTV: (says something muffled and short about business)

E: --Mí huh--(chuckles)

J: --Iím just sayiní. So we um, so we definitely sort of said this could be the end--but itís also just an doing something different, off to the side, we managed to--you know itís all about the characters...but it also deals with a new group of characters and a whole new reality, but all is based on the idea of The Dollhouse. Where we were sort of planing to take it anyways. So now weíll see in the next season how that episode impacts where weíre going and whoís doing what with whom. And it will actually bring up more questions than it will answers. Which is what we intended.
Thanks for the transcript. :-)
Aren't we done with regional encoding on the internet yet? *sigh*
Major props on the very descriptive transcription, BreathesStory! The computer and internet connection I'm using right now are too slow for me to try to watch the video, so your nice work is useful even for people in countries allowed to access the clip :)
Thank you so very much BreathesStory, for the transcript! :)

Aren't we done with regional encoding on the internet yet? *sigh*

Not when it comes to things shown on tv, including interviews because the way contracts are signed. However, you figured that we would have reached the point now that if I'm Canadian and can't wait the content on, that it would provide me with a link to, where I could view it. Unfortunately, we still haven't reach the point where different companies or different branches of the same company that own the same content in different regions cooperate like that.

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